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Gardening Tips for Everyone!
Updated 06/24/04
Welcome to the Gardening Tips Website! If you are new to this site, there are newsletters to read, and a page of links to visit. Information about these are towards the bottom of the page or you can click on the words.

Summer's in full swing now. I've spent most of June expanding my existing gardens, making room for the divided plants, new perennials and seedlings. I have a new favorite flower this year - Harlequin mix Dahlias. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! 

What a soggy Spring we had, after a very long Winter. The plants don't know what to do! Depending on the species, some are thriving and some are still very stubborn little plants who are not enjoying themselves this year. 

In case you would like more catalogs sent to you this year, check out this fantastic website I found that is kept absolutely up-to-date:

I can't rave enough about this site!

So go ahead and sign up for some new catalogs. I found the easiest and cheapest way to request catalogs is to buy pre-stamped postcards from the post office and just write a quick note on it with your return address. Another trick I learned is to make a list of those you request and the date you mailed out the postcard, and as they arrive you can check them off your list. This keeps track of those you didn't receive and who not to send a postcard to next year. Most catalogs will keep sending you one each year, even if you don't order.

If you'd like to get ahold of me, you can email me at I check the email every few weeks, so please don't think I forgot you if you don't receive an immediate reply!

Best of Wishes,

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