Garden on Cobb
This is a 'Good ol' American Garden'  with a  nice variety of vegetables.  I designed, built, and started everything on my own.    I did my best to
grow beautiful plants with plenty of love and devotion, in hopes that they will produce many fresh and delicious crops when harvest time comes.
Click on any picture to see it larger
Click on any picture to see it larger
Click on any picture to see it larger
Click on any picture to see it larger
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Different views of the garden, as it was, around the middle of June.   These are  the vegetables in their early stages of growth, planted in wood framed rows, with walkways between them.  In the fourth row from the left a trellis gives the Snow Peas, and Snap Peas something to climb, as well as a perch for our Green Guy, and Plastic Cat to sit on.  The other Green Guys act as scarecrows to keep any birds from wandering around the inside of the plantation.   If you look closely you will see black tubing snaking  down the center of each row, this is part of the drip irrigation system I use to directly water  without having to use a sprinkler, thus reducing any risk of  damage to the plant, as well as conserving the water. This also helps to keep the weeds away.
Early Days
Close-ups of the Vegetables
Secret Streams
Later Days