Welcome to the Garden Room
Model of the Garden Room that was located in a sharp curve at the top of West Street at a right angle to the entry of  Lamb House, Rye, East Sussex.  It was destroyed by a bomb in 1940.
       These Garden Room pages have been prepared by a fan of E.F. Benson who is "encouraged to hope" that you are also a Bensonite, Tillingite, and Luciaphil/e.    The pages are dedicated to the former Garden Room of Lamb House, Rye, and E.F. Benson.  Also included  are photos of fans of Benson's Tilling, links to other web pages, and information on the American artist, George Plank, who designed Benson's bookplate.  The material is collected from various sources, about people who have lived in and visited Lamb House, and is mostly dependent upon direct quotes, their words about a place they loved.  The content is not arranged chronologically, but grouped in a certain context, which, of course, may only be evident to the preparer.  There will be changes and additions so check in every now and again.  
Table of Contents
Welcome to the Garden Room Introduction  -  three pages
E.F. Benson -  five pages 
     Meet Some
Bensonites -  Tilling Friends  -  many pages of photos 
     List and Description of More Benson-
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George W. Plank -  two pages plus a link to more

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