The Secret Den of Spitting Vipers
The Secret Den of Spitting Vipers
Welcome to the secret den, where we believe that those nasty l'ol snakes only purpose is to provide a service for both FEMDOMs and SUBFEMs.  To learn more, join our yahoo group at
A recently captured Spit-Viper
This snake is being very teased n tormented, see how angry he is
a dolled up "now very angry snake" he must have been thru some serious humliation, torment n teasing at the hands of a FEMDOM
A hog-tied snake, readied for torment and teasing by FEMDOM
Here is another hog-tied
and very angry hisssing spit viper
A very angry hissing Spit Viper, about to spit his nasty semen venom
This site is dedicated to the idea that men are just keepers/gardians/care takers of the spitting snakes.  They are here to service Femdoms for their amuesment/enjoyment, and to be serviced and worshiped by Subfems.  Currently we are looking for 40  FEMDOMS and 60 SUBFEMS to join, as well as 300 Gardians of the spitting vipers.

You can join the yahoo group.  Follow the link at the top of the page. Once in the group page, you can join temporary, until you fill out your request to join the Snake spitting Den.  If you don't fill out your membership request in 14 days, you will be removed from membership.  It is FREE, but must be one of the 3 types of people, seriously into this type of lifestyle/fetish, and meet the minnimum Group/Den requirement on membership request.

Gardian of spitting vipers