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These are some pictures of the different stages the BBSDesigns project GTA's have gone thru;

1987 Trans Am GTA with an older version of the BBSDesigns "V" Belt Single Turbo Kit. This kit was both driven with the stock 700R4 4-auto tranny and later then the T56 6-speed tranny.

Again the 1987 Trans Am GTA with the newer version of the BBSDesigns "V" Belt Single Turbo Kit, a T56 6-speed tranny and a Holley Stealth Ram Injection. This setup made 573 rwhp at th dyno, CLICK HERE for dyno run video.

The 1987 Trans Am GTA was sold and another 1989 GTA was bought, which has the body in better condition. This new 89' GTA has already inherited the T-56 tranny and all the goodies the 87' had

1989 Trans Am GTA with the new version of the BBSDesigns RACE Twin Turbo Kit. The car is receiving a new engine built to handle the extra power.

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