We are gonna discuss the city of neon lights at this web site I hope you enjoy it!
Everybody at least once in there life time should go to LAS VEGAS. For one you will never see the same thing each time you go, and would you believe you don't even have to gamble.......No I'm serious!

First I'm gonna tell you about my Favorite place CAESARS PALACE. The mall is gorgeous and the statues make you lose track of time ,because your so wraped up in them. Matter of fact there are 2 sets of talking statues, 1 is about peace and joy and the other one was about a ruling for the lost city of Atlantis. Then afterward you get on the ride called Race For Atlantis(simulator).

Were moving on to some other stuff enough about my fav place!!!

Check the neon lights at the night life of hotel Riviera and Casino. They have some back to reality food that you see at home. They also have a female impersonator show called La Cage... it's first rate!

Look at the Gucci store! All the stores in the mall are pretty expensive....Check out the
sky, (indoors) it gets light and dark every 15 min. So it you go in a store it might be dark when ya get out.

This is the hotel that I stayed at and the theme for it is called Enter the Night! They have one of those nice buffets !

The Straosphere Hotel Has a roller coaster on top of it. It is really tall so you have to take 2 pictures and combine tem !

The Bellagio Hotel has a water show in a large pool every couple of hrs...

This is a pic of one of the statues over a chamber room at one of
the shows called Magical Empire  (80 bucks but worth it!) You
begin the show by dining with the king and his merry men,
then a tour of magic!

There is a 2 floor toy store... with a barbie world and every kids fantasy. Yes Toy R Us
lied their not the biggest toy store......

Welcome the fabulous world of LUXOR ! Mark Anthony, Cleopatra,and all of Eygpt!
Inside this hotel they have a musuem of a tomb, a large sundial, machine where you make videos and much more! For real the have a machine the is supposed to show what your child will look like!!!!!!

This the hotel Paris ....La ' wee-wee !

The is the hotel Mirage It has tropical show , white tiger exhibits ,and at night it has a volcano water fall every hr on the hr.

The hotel is in shape of a pyramid and when you step inside it looks like everything is pure marble black and gold marble.

The MGM Studio is were the have all the fights and stuff and they have a fine Rain Forest Cafe and lovely art Exhibits.

I could go on forever but you will have to go yourself !!!!

They have Egyptian inscriptions on the sign!

The Excalibur Hotel has all the knights and dragons. They have a show were you dine in King Arthur's Court !!!