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[August 8, 03]
The Beta Fanfic is Up ready to entertain you. ^.^
- Stryder Da Great

[August 5, 03]
Yes I know the Fanfic pages don't work. That's because they haven't been created yet ^.^ I'm still figuring out how I want to display them.
- Stryder Da Great

[August 5, 03]
The Game Report Pages are updated with the new layouts.
- Stryder Da Great

[August 2, 03]
The GA History Site has a new makeover ^.^ The layout is changed.
- Stryder Da Great

[July 20, 03]
The GA History Site is created.
- Digital Bath

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Galaxies Ablaze Website
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Durin's GA Fansite

Welcome to the GalaxiesAblaze History Website.

In here you'll find the history of each round plus a side story based on the
facts from each round ^.^ Enjoy your stay here!

TOP STORY: The Interview with the Creators of GA!

Digital Bath was on a mission. A mission to seek the truth about GA from none other than the Admins of GA themselves. He asked both Chick and Fugs 10 questions in his interview with them. Click on the links to read more ^.^

Chick's Interview | Fugly Dragon's Interview

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Beta: Report
Round 1: Report
Round 2: Report
Round 3: Report
Round 4: Report
Round 5: Report

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Beta: The Beginning
Round 1: Evolution
Round 2: A Step in a New Direction
Round 3: Power of Three
Round 4: WONDERful Days
Round 5: A WONDERful Destruction

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GA History Admin Bios
GA Admin Bios
GA Player Bios
GA Strategies


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If you would like to submit info or one of your own stories for the site, then you can do so by clicking here. Also, please have the title of the email what the story will be, IE: Game 3: Fanfic / Game 3: Report. Something like that. Thank you ^.^