United Federation of Planets Awards

Federation Medal of Honor
The Federation Medal of Honor is the highest award in the entire Federation. It is given in the name of the Federation Council to persons who distinguish themselves by extreme bravery, risking their lives above and beyond the call of duty, while in actual combat with an enemy of the United Federation of Planets or it's allies.

The Federation Medal of Honor is only awarded in extreme circumstances that go beyond the requirements for the Starfleet Command Medal of Honor. This medal can not be awarded during peacetime.


Federation Medal of Valor

The Medal of Valor is awarded for tremendous heroics, but ones that don't quite justify a Federation Medal of Honor. It is given to any person serving with Starfleet when engaged in action with an enemy of the Federation or when serving in conjunction with allied forces engaging opposing enemy forces. The primary difference between this award and the Federation Medal of Honor is the degree of heroism and actions taken.



Commendations and Declarations

Federation Unit Commendation
Award given to any ship or unit that has performed far above the other units in the same theater of operations. It is only awarded after that theater of operations is over. This ribbon is the unit's equivalent of an individual's Medal of Honor.



Performance Ribbons

Federation Ribbon of Merit
Awarded for actions above and beyond the call of duty.

Federation Distinguished Combat Service Ribbon
Awarded for distinguished actions taken during battle.

Federation Distinguished Service Ribbon
Awarded for distinguished actions, not necessarily taken during battle.


Many of the awards listed here are canonical Startrek medals, some are not. Players/characters are granted awards at the final approving authority of the sim Captain or GM. ALL of the medals shown are from the Armed Forces of various 20th century Terran countries.


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