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Volunteer Note

We are looking into many different fundraising ideas. We are looking into many new opportunities this year and we need to have the financial ability to do them. If anyone has any fundraising ideas they would like to offer it would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact Miss Beth.

Troop 911 is a phenomenal group of 18 Brownies and 2 Junior Girl Scouts based in Akron, Ohio and a member of Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio. We try with all our hearts to live by our Girl Scout Promise everyday, and to spread goodwill and cheer wherever we go. Troop 911 is led by Kristen and Nina, and we have an awesome group of parents who give as much as they are able to help us out. Members of our troop, please login to view our current newsletter, calendar and some wonderful pictures of our past events. If you have any comments, suggestions or would like some info on joining Girl Scouts, please feel free to send us an email.

LET'S GIVE A BIG CONGRATULATIONS FOR A GREAT FALL PRODUCT SALE! We sold over $1000 worth of products, and our troop made $175. Way to go Troop 911!
Our girls our learning how to be leaders by choosing what activities they do every week. We are very proud of our girls.

We would like to thank the following places for their support of Girl Scout Garfield Troop 911....

* Chickfila
* Chipotle
* Giant Eagle
* Papa Johns
* Subway



Parent Note
Things to remember! COSTUME PARTY: October 29th girls can where there costume to the meeting. Please bring one bag of candy. FIELD TRIP ALERT! November 8th from 12-3 Please sign the signup sheet. Permission slips coming soon. CAMPING ALERT! Our official camping trip is scheduled December 5-7. COOKIE SALE! December 20th will start our cookie sale.

If you have any comments, suggestions or would like more info on joining, please click here

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