Garfy's Webpage
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Welcome to Garfy's webpage.
On this site I will upload all my 3D models made with Truspace 3se,
a program i got free with a computer magasine!

I'll have a short 3D mpeg movie on soon.

Sign my guestbook please. Got any suggestions or things you think I should make, tell me and I'll have a go.

I can't work out how to put movies on here at the moment so ignore the movie bit.
3D Gallery

created on 18th June 2001.
2 new pics added to the gallery 23rd June 2001.
1 new pic added to gallery 24th June 2001
Alien updated with bigger better picture 25th June 2001.
New big pic added. My favourite so far.
Dolphin pic added 24/03/02
Big Update Subcategories added to the gallery area.
My Links
You may also wish to visit these websites. Some are owned by my friends, others I just like:
That's a website about batman, final fantasy and other stuff. It's owned by some friends. There's also some nice quotes with sounds that you should check out.
That's great for playing games on pathetic school computers with slow connections and no memory.
The main page has some good applets as well. I might put some on here now I think of it.