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When JK Rowling spilled the Bertie Botts on our magical world to you Muggles through her books, I mentioned to my boss, Mr. Ollivander, that it would be a fun idea to sell wands to Muggles.  He didn't like that at first but finally I convinced him to let me make and sell wands for non-magical beings as yourselves!!

I specialize in making replica wands including the famous Harry Potter's!  For Muggles' safety, the wands are magical only in the confines of one's imagination.  However, without Mr. Ollivander knowing I've enchanted the wands!  When exposed to bright light, the wands will luminate in the dark!

Wands for Sale

Click on the names below to see descriptions and pictures of the individual wands.

Harry Potter

Currently, Harry's wand is the only wand available at the time.  However, in order to chose the next design, I will set up a poll to determine which wand will be made next.

Purchasing Information

interested customers have vistited since August, 2000!

Send me, Steve Ollivander, apprentice to Mr. Ollivander, an OWL!  Please feel free to send me your questions, comments, and suggestions!!

My owl, Jiffy, will help get your message to me! Just poke her gently with your pointer!  If you prefer your own owl, just have him/her bring the message to ollivanderswands@yahoo.com!

Ollivander's Online Store is not affiliated with JK Rowling, Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, or anyone else associated with the Harry Potter series.  I do not claim rights to the characters or story but I do claim right to my designs and pictures; they are not to be taken from this site without my written permission.