Free the Fish
LD: *gets up in the middle of the night and goes to use the phone. Dials SR's number.*

Sage: *Answers phone*

Oh hi Sage. Can I talk to Showndra?

Sure. *passes phone to SR*


Hey Showndra, would you like to help me with a… project I'm working on?


Operation 'Save the Fish'

: Oh that! No Sage, it's nothing.  Do you need me to bring anyone?

That would be nice cause I don't think both of us could transport all of those fish and not get caught.

Ok, I'll get Heero and Duo, how soon do you want to be picked up? Yes Ryo, I'm going out, well sorry.

As soon as possible.  I want to get this over with.

Ok, be there as so as I can, other than those two do you want me to bring anything?

Nothing I can think of.  I'll see you when you get here.

Ok bye. *hangs up*

LD: *hangs up and prepares for Operation Save the Fish*

SR: *looks at Ronins* What?

Ryo: Your going out?

SR: Yeah, so?

Ryo: What about training?

SR: *shrugs and leaves room*

Ryo: *follows* You can't keep doing this, you need to train.

SR: I know Ryo, I will, just not tomorrow *goes downstairs*

Duo: *sees SR* What's up?

SR: Would you and Heero like to do something?

Heero: What?

SR: Play in the night.

Duo: Sounds like fun.

Heero: What do you we need?

SR: Stuff to break into something.

Duo: Sure.

SR: Meet me by my car when your ready *goes back upstairs and ignores looks from Ryo* Bye Guys. *goes out to car.  Duo and Heero arrive several minutes later, they leave to go to LD's*

LD: *is waiting outside* *to self* I can't believe I'm actually going to go through with this.

SR: *pulls car up to where LD is waiting* Get in next to Duo.

LD: *gets in car* Thanks for coming Showndra. *looks at Heero and Duo* It's nice to see you two again, and I'm glad that your helping.

Duo: No prob., this is going to be fun!

LD: Yes it is.  Do you even know what I have planned?

Heero: Other than breaking into something, no.

LD: Well we are going to break into Fishy Store at the mall to free all of the fish.

Duo: Cool… Why?

LD: Because I promised Cye that I would help the fish since they were in pain.  It was either buy all the fist or this.  I thought this would be easier.

SR: It also gets a message across…

Duo: Oh ok.

LD: Yep.  So we have to break into the mall, disable the security system, get into Fishy Store get all of the fish out, and then find a place to put them all.

Duo: Security system, no prob.

Heero: Just where you putting them?

LD: I'm still working on that part.  I think some of them can live in a lake near the mall.  I just don't know what to do with the sharks.

Duo: Sharks?

Heero: Don't they need salt water?

LD: Yeah they have Nirf Sharks there.  And yes they need salt water.  That's the biggest problem I've come across so far.

Heero: You better come up with something before we get there.

LD: I could always keep them until I go visit my aunt at the beach.

Heero: How? Where?

LD: Take the tank back with me to the apartment and in my room.

Duo: We're in a '96 Mustang convertible… there's barley any room in the back you know?

LD: Well do you have any ideas Duo?

Duo: Nope… I just came along to break in, that's all…

LD: Well we will find a way to get the shark tank back to the apartment, even if it means making you ride in the trunk Duo.

Duo: I'm too big to fit in the trunk.

LD: Well, I'll find a way to get you in there.

Heero: And how do you plan on getting the other fish out?

LD: We can make multiple trips from the mall to the lake.  It's not that far and two people can stay at the mall so we cam put more fish in the car at once.

Heero: To large of a chance of being discovered… I'll just take one of their delivery vehicles…

LD: That works…

SR: *pulls into mall parking lot near back delivery area, cuts the lights and turns off the car* Ok, now what?

LD: We need to get into the mall without setting off the security system. *turns to Heero and Duo* I believe this is why you two wanted to come, so go have fun.

*Heero and Duo leave car and walk to door.  Duo picks it and the 2 G-boys vanish inside.  Minutes pass then Duo comes out and waves*

SR: That's our cue.

LD: *nods and walks into mall and heads toward Fishy Store* Alright Duo it's your turn again.

SR: *is next to LD in sub-armor*

Duo: *smirks and opens store without a problem*

LD: Thanks Duo *walks into store* Does Heero have the delivery truck ready?

Duo: Yep.

LD: Alright, let's get these fish to the truck and then to the lake. *walks toward shark tank* And we have to get this tank to Showndra's car.

*Heero and Duo appear and begin to move the fish*

SR: *to LD* How do you plan on putting the tank in my car?

LD: Carry it.

SR: By yourself? *eyes several 100 pound tank*

LD: Of course not.

SR: *watches Heero and Duo carry other fish* This is taking to long.

LD: I know, but there's no way to speed it up unless you helped.

SR: … *eyes sharks* Well Cye did say there where in pain…

LD: Yeah, he also said they might die soon.

SR: So it would be for the good of the fish, right?

LD: Yep.

SR: Care to help stabilize the tank? I can carry it to the car if you stabilize it.

LD: Ok.  Whenever you're ready.

SR: Let's do it now, before I lose my nerve.

LD: Alright.

SR: *goes forward and starts to move the tank, motions for LD to come forward and stabilize it*

LD: *stabilizes the tank* It's ok guys.  You won't have to worry about being here much longer.

SR: Let's get this tank to the car. *the 2 carry the tank to the car, and some how manage to put it in the car*

LD: I wonder if Heero and Duo are done loading up the other fish?

SR: *shrugs* Lets go back in and find out.

*the two walk back into the store and LD goes to where Heero and Duo are loading fish*

Kayura: Ronin? *to SR*

SR: Kayura? *backs into store to tell LD there not alone*

LD: *looks at SR* What's wrong?

SR: I just ran into Kayura.

LD: Oh great.  Now I have to put up with her too.  I really hope I don't have to break the promise I made to Cye, so she better stay out of my way.

Kayura: Oh I will, I'm just glad to see a Ronin going to the dark side.

SR: I didn't do anything!

Kayura: Really?

SR: I'm just here incase you showed up.

LD: Look can you two stop arguing. I'm trying to make sure the rest of Operation Save the Fish goes smoothly. *walks off to find Heero and Duo*

Heero: Mission accomplished.

Duo: He means we're done.

*back in store*

SR: *to Kayura* Can we finish this later?

Kayura: *says nothing and leans against wall*

SR: *continues to watch Kayura while waiting for LD*

*in back of store*

LD: Alright, well we have an intruder.

Duo: *pulls gun* Who?

Heero: *also pulls gun*

LD: It's a warlady by the name of Kayura.  She and Showndra where arguing when I left, but I don't think they are fighting or we would hear something by now.

*G-boys put away guns*

Heero: Duo and I will take the truck and dump the fish, if that's ok with you.

LD: Yep that works.  Showndra and I will meet you by the car whenever she gets a chance.

Duo: Or should we meet at K-Mart after Heero and I get rid of the truck?

LD: That works too.  I'll go tell Showndra and you go free the fish. *turns and heads back to where she left SR and Kayura*

SR: *glairs at Kayura*

Kayura: *glairs at SR*

Sekhmet: *stands in corner not noticed yet, watching girls glair at each other*

LD: *looks at SR then Kayura* And how long has this staring contest lasted?

SR: Since you left, ready to go?  *eyes never leave Kayura.*

LD: Yeah. *looks around and notices Sekhmet* Hey look it's Seky!

SR: What? *jerks to where LD is looking* Sekhmet!

Sekhmet: Hello Ronin…

LD: She gets a hello and I get nothing. *shrugs*

Sekhmet: *eyes LD* You…

LD: *smiles* Aww… you do remember me.

Sekhmet: *shutters*

Kayura: *eyes Sekhmet*

SR: *to LD* Lets go.

LD: Ok. *to Sekhmet and Kayura* Later. *starts to head where car is parked*

Sekhmet: Wait! You can't leave!

LD: Yeah I can.  That's what I'm doing right now.  Besides I have some sharks that need to be taken care of.

Sekhmet: You can't leave, Talpa will be mad again!

LD: To bad.  He'll just have to be mad.

Sekhmet: No! *stops LD by grabbing her arm*

LD: Aww Seky I didn't know you cared.

Sekhmet: What? No you're coming to the Dynasty with me.

Kayura: *to SR* Your not going to stop this?

SR: Nahh… she can take care of herself.

LD: Do I have to? Can't we just stay right here? Besides I don't like being chained to a wall.  It's rather uncomfortable.  Have you ever been chained to the wall in that dungeon?

Sekhmet: Yes.. but that's not the point.

LD: Yes it is.  If you're going to keep someone as a prisoner then you need to make sure that they are comfortable.  Besides are the chains really necessary? I don't think so, but that's just me.  Do you even give your long term prisoners meals? Do you even have a cook? And if you do is he/she any good?

Sekhmet: Would you shut up? *back-hands LD*

SR: *finally moves and pries LD from Sekhmet's grasp, then pushes LD behind her*

LD: Ouchie… that hurt.  *pushes past SR* Hey your not supposed to hit a lady.  It isn't very nice. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Sekhmet: You're not a lady. *moves to grab LD again*

SR: *pulls LD back so Sekhmet can't grab her*

LD: You not very nice Seky. *tears form at corners of eyes* And I thought were different from the others since you released us from the dungeon.  I guess I was wrong about you.

Sekhmet: *winces* You where wrong about me…Now both of you are going to the Dynasty…

SR: How? It's you and Kayura, only…. You don't stand a chance.

LD: Yeah.  You're lucky I don't have Mr. Numnum with me.

Sekhmet: Who?

LD: Mr. Numnum

Sekhmet: What?

SR: Don't worry about it…Lilly lets go.

LD: Fine. *turns to go*

Sekhmet: No you can't leave.  You're our prisoners.

LD: *walks up to Sekhmet* I don't think so. *kicks Sekhmet you know where (good thing he wasn't wearing his armor)* *to SR* Let's go.

SR: *glances at Warlord now on ground in pain* Um ok, bye Kayura…

Kayura: *stands in shock*

*the two arrive at the car and get in*

SR: *starts car* Where to?

LD: To K-Mart.

SR: Do I wanna know why?

LD: Just following Duo's orders.

SR: *drives to K-Mart and sees Heero and Duo waiting*

Duo: Where were you?

LD: Well we ran into another Warlord and had to deal with him before we could leave.

Duo: It wasn't Anubis, was it?

LD: Nope it was Seky.

Duo: Damn.

Heero: *eyes fish in backseat* I take it we're taking a taxi*

SR: Yeah sorry.

Duo: This should be fun…

LD: *hugs both Heero and Duo* Thank you for your help.  I wouldn't be able to do it without you.

Duo: Hey no prob.  It was almost as fun as blowing up the Dynasty.

Heero: Where are you taking them?

SR: The Ocean, we should be back in 6 hours.

Heero: *nods* We'll talk to Ryo for you…

LD: Hey, what did you do with the delivery truck?

Heero: It's classified.

LD: Ok, fine with me.

SR: *watches as Taxi pulls up* Well bye you two.

Duo: Yeah, Good luck and Goodbye.

*G-boys get in taxi.  SR starts car and starts the drive to the ocean*

LD: I don't believe we just did that.

SR: I know, was that really wrong?

LD: No. We were saving them.

SR:…. Ryo's gonna be pissed…

LD: When isn't Ryo pissed?

SR: I think the stress is getting to him…

LD: Maybe.  Besides he doesn't know why you left the house late at night, I'll come up with something to tell him when we get back.  Don't worry.

SR: As long as Sekhmet doesn't say anything the next time we fight him…

LD: Yeah… We'll if he knows what's good for him he won't say anything. *laughs* Seky got beat up by a girl.

SR: *laughs* Yeah…

*They arrive at VA Beach and heard toward the ocean*

LD: *looks at the tank* Don't worry, just a few more minutes and you will be home free.

SR: As long as no one is on the beach…

LD: I know a place that no one goes to so you don't have to worry about that.

SR: That's good, I don't want to explain the sub-armor.

LD: We're in Virginia Beach… people wouldn't ask if they know what's good for them.

SR: For real? *pulls car into secret spot*

LD: *gets out of car* Ready to be free of the last of the fish?

SR: Oh yeah. *takes out tank and carries it to waters edge, after a second goes into water up to waist and lets sharks go*

LD: Be free my fishy friends.

SR: *rolls eyes and leaves water* Ok, what do I do with the tank?

LD: There's a dumpster down the road.

SR: *puts tank in car and drives to dumpster, then gets rid of the tank.  Starts for home* We'll that was fun… Now let's never do that again.

LD: I agree.  I'll never make a promise like that again.

SR: Well at least you got to lecture Seky.

LD: Yeah, that was fun.

SR: What do you think Ryo would do if he found out it was us?

LD: I have no idea. Most likely he'll get mad and yell, but he'll just have to get over it.

SR: Well it's not like he has much of a choice... I wonder if the warlords are teasing Sekhmet yet.

LD: I dunno. I kinda feel bad about what I did to poor Seky.

SR: Well he shouldn't have tried to kidnap you.

LD: That's right. I didn't like it there, but if he would have taken my suggestions it might be a nicer place to be held hostage.

SR: I don't think Talpa is going to remodel just to make it nicer for the Ronins when he catches them.

LD: Oh well. At least I tried.

SR: *sighs* It is a shame Sekhmet doesn't realize Talpa is just using him, I bet he would be a nice person to talk to if he wasn't evil...

LD: Probably. I mean I enjoyed lecturing him.

*phone Rings*

SR: Would you get that?

LD: Ok. *picks up phone*
Hello....oh hi Ryo.

SR: *eyes LD*

Well we are in the car Ryo, where else would we be?....We our on our way back to Fancy's......Why does it matter where we were?.....Well I'm not gonna tell you what we were doing?....None of your business....It's classified.......Go ahead, ask Heero and Duo where we were last night cause you'll most likely get the same answer.....Why because I told them that it was a classified mission....

SR: *laughs and continues to drive*

Yeah Ryo you can yell at me all you want, but I'm not gonna tell you what the mission was so you can just forget it.....Don't worry it wasn't anything really bad......Ok.....Well you can yell at me in person when we get back to Fancy's ok? Fine! *hangs phone up*

SR: Ryo his normal self?

LD: Yep.

SR: *flips on radio for some background noise* I wonder why there was no security at the mall?

LD: I have no idea, but since there wasn't any it made the mission a little easier.

Radio: .... and in strange news today, a local mall was broken into. Owners of the mall say the only thing that was taken was all of this fish from a place called the Fishy Store... details are still sketchy... more when we get it for you... *goes back to music*

LD: Wow. I didn't think it would have made it to the news that quick.

SR: Well they are getting ready to open the mall soon.

LD: That's true. *shrugs* Oh well, at least Cye will be happy to know that the fish are free.

SR: As long as he doesn't think someone ate them.

LD: *laughs* Yeah that's true.

*Car pulls into Fancy's*

SR: *stops car and gets out, banishing Sub before anyone can see her in it* *to LD* Ready to face Ryo?

LD: Yeah. I can handle it.

SR: To house then *walks to house*

LD: *walks to the house and prepares to be yelled at* Too bad I didn't bring Mr. Numnum. *laughs*

SR: Yeah, but you don't want Cye to freak out when he sees it *opens door and WB runs out, Chinese curses punctuated with 'Tiger' can be heard* Um I don't want to know

LD: Hello White Blaze.

WB: *stops running and comes back to rub his head against LD*

SR: I guess Blaze ticked Wufei off again...

LD: I guess so. *pets WB* Now what could you have done to make Wufei mad? I can't imagine being mad at you White Blaze. You're just too cute.

WB: Puuurrrrrrr

Wufei: *is at door* Onna that tiger is nothing but a demon in fir *turns and walks back into house* Ryo the onna and the weak onna are here.

SR: *mutters* Wufei...

LD: *ignores Wufei* Come on Blaze, let's go inside. *Walks into house*

WB: *continues to purr and follows LD*

SR: *follows*

LD: Hey everybody!

Sage: *glances up, notes his girlfriend and smiles* your back.

Kento: *smiles* My ex-Goddess!

Cye: *smiles and blushes*

Duo: Hello ladies, Rowen and Fancy went shopping... or maybe out to plan stuff for the wedding, they took Cat with them.

LD: Hey does anyone know where Ryo is?

Duo: Downstairs with Heero... not to sure what their talking about, ya want me to get him?

SR: *walks over and sits down next to Sage*

LD: Yeah, he's gonna yell at me sooner or later so I might as well let him do it now.

Duo: Ok *goes to top of stairs and yells* Hey Ryo, the two stupid girls are back!
*sounds of two people coming upstairs*

LD: Thanks Duo.

Duo: *shrugs*

SR: Did you have to say that?

Duo: It's what he called you...

Ryo: *walks into room* All right, what did you two do?

LD: Like I said on the phone it's classified. Besides Duo and Heero did most of the work.

Ryo: How can it be classified?

SR: It just is..

Ryo: They did most of the work? Like that makes it better? What little bit did you do then?

LD: Yep. I came up with the plan and she drove the car.

Ryo: *eyes girls* Is that all you two did?

SR: *smiles*

LD: *thinks for a moment* That's mostly what we did. The other part is classified.

Ryo: *sighs in frustration* I need to know what the other part is.

LD: Sorry, can't tell you. But I can tell you it was mostly driving.

Ryo: To where?

LD: Classified.

Ryo: How far?

LD: Hmmm....let's just say to where I grew up.

Ryo: Where did you grow up?

LD: *evil smirk* Do you think I'm really going to tell you? That might give away the mission.

Ryo: Fine don't say anything, at least tell me you didn't run into any warlords

LD: *looks to SR*

SR: Umm I don't see how it can do any damage...

Ryo: Well? *is not mad*

LD: Yeah. We did.

Cye: *Moves to LD's side* Are you ok?

Ryo: Which one?

LD: *to Cye* Yeah I'm fine, but Sekhmet isn't. *laughs*

Ryo: You ran into Sekhmet?

SR: *shrugs*

LD: Yeah and Kayura, but Showndra and Kayura had a staring contest. I don't see why you have such a hard time beating the warlords. *evil smile* All I had to do was kick him.

Ryo: Do I want to know where?

LD: You can probably figure it out on your own.

Duo: Oi you didn't?

LD: *huge smile* Yeah I did. I hope he learned his lesson about trying to take me prisoner and not listening to my lectures.

*all males in room wince*

Ryo: He tried to take you as a prisoner?

LD: Yeah.

Cye: *looks concerned*

Ryo: Did he say why he wanted you?

LD: No not really. But he will think twice about trying to take me prisoner and hitti...*stops* Oops....Shouldn't have said that.

Cye: He hit you? Where?

LD: He just backhanded me to try and shut me up.

Cye: *gently takes LD's face to check to see if she's ok. Realizes how close he is to her and lets her go. Quickly backs away* Ummm....

LD: It's ok Cye. I'll be fine. I've been hurt worse wrestling with my brother.

Ryo: Where were you when he attacked?

SR: He didn't really attack, he just kinda walked up.

Ryo: Well where were you?

LD: Hmm...well it happened during the mission.

Ryo: Where?

LD: *smiles* Classified.

Trowa: *comes running up from basement* Turn on the TV!

LD: *looks to SR* Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

SR: Yep it hit the air waves...

LD: Great. Now it isn't classified anymore.

Ryo: *eyes girls* Now can you tell me?

LD: You'll see eventually. Everyone, to the living room.

Ryo: *sighs and follows*

~* Living Room*~

Kento: *turns on TV*

TV:... and more information has come out regarding the strange case that has happened at a local mall.. It appears someone has broken into the Fishy Store and stolen all the fish... the thieves got away in a stolen van... Two people where found in the store, one male and one female. The police believe that these two may be tied to the robbers, as of now they have not given the authorities any names....

SR: Um it can't be can it *glances at LD*

LD: I think it is.

TV:... the police however have released pictures of the two *a picture of Kayura and Sekhmet appears on the TV*

Kento: *falls out of chair*

Ryo: What did you two do?!

LD: Well what do you know it is them.  Like I said Ryo, Heero and Duo did most of the work.
SR: I would have thought they would have gotten out of the mall....

LD: I know

Ryo: And what other parts didn't they do?

LD: They didn't come up with the plan, drive the car, beat up the warlords, and take the trip to where I grew up. Well they did drive that van....

Ryo: Where did you go? They stole the van?!

LD: *to SR* Well, should I tell him where we went?

SR: You may want to, before he has a seizure....

LD: We went to VA Beach.

Ryo: Why?

LD: Well we had to get rid of some saltwater fish...sharks actually.

Ryo: Please don't tell me you stole those sharks...

LD: No we just borrowed them with no intention to return them to the store.

SR: *suppresses laugh*

Ryo: *glairs at SR, then at LD* Please tell me Showndra didn't help you...

LD: Ok. She didn't help me...she just drove the car

Ryo: That is helping you...

LD: *shrugs* Oh well. We were doing it for the good of the fish.

Ryo: But you had to steal them?

LD: Just the sharks...Heero and Duo took the rest.

Ryo: How did you get them out of there?

LD: Umm.....classified....

Ryo: I thought it was unclassified.

LD: Yeah......right......

Ryo: *crosses arms* Well?

LD: *looks to SR and then back to Ryo* Well...

SR: Um.... Well ya see... *goes to hide in Sage's arms*

Sage: You need to tell him.

Ryo: Well?

LD: Um...Showndra...kinda....

Ryo: She kinda what?

SR: *is hiding with head on Sage's shoulder, using his hair to hide her face*

LD: *to SR* You wanna tell him?

SR: *from Sage's hair* No...

LD: Fine. I'll do it. She kinda helped me move the shark tank to her car. There I said it.

Ryo: She what?!

SR: *pushes self as far as she can into couch cushion*

LD: You heard me.

Ryo: *eyes SR* She helped you then?

LD: ...Yeah.

Ryo: *sighs and covers head with hands* Please tell me there is something good that came out of this.

LD: All the fish from the store are happily swimming either in that lake or the ocean.

Cye: That's good... but I don't like how you got them free. What would have happened if something had happened? What if Sekhmet had captured you?

LD: I'm sorry Cye.

SR: *pulls self away from Sage* Look at it this way Ryo... at least now we don't have to worry about Sekhmet and Kayura for a while.

LD: That's always a plus.*

Ryo: *sighs* Did anyone see you?

Duo: All security was taken out, no cameras recorded what happened, so the girls are clear.

Ryo: *to LD* Why did you do it anyway?

LD: I have my reasons.

Ryo: I don't want you to do anything like that again, understand?

LD: Don't worry I wasn't planning on doing that again. It was a one time thing.

Ryo: Good. *to SR* As for you, you skipped out on training.... again

SR: Sorry Ryo.

LD: It's my fault she missed training. If I wouldn't have wanted to save all of the fish we wouldn't have driven to VA Beach and she would have been back in time for training.

Ryo: *sighs in defeat* *to SR* Just don't do it again. *to LD* Next time you need to barrow her let us know ahead of time.

LD: Ok. I probably won't have to borrow her for a while.

Ryo:*walks out of room and to his bedroom muttering about saving fish being more important than Talpa*

SR: That was fun.

LD: Yeah,

SR: *glances at clock* Wow. *to LD* Sorry but there's no way I'm driving you home, driving on no sleep is just to dangerous. You gonna crash here or get someone to drive you home?

LD: I think I'll just crash here. It's easier that way.

Sage: *glances at room* Where?

SR: *smirks* There's always Cye's bed

Cye: *blushes*

LD: Ohh...bed...

SR: Cye why don't you help the girl to bed, I'll see you guys later *goes off the bed*

Cye: *is still blushing* Do you need help getting there?

LD: *smiles sweetly* That would be nice.

Cye: Um... *helps LD up* Sorry about the mess in there, Kento tends to get messy..


LD: That's ok.

Cye: *nods and leads her into his room and to his bed, which just happens to have sea-blue sheets* You going to be ok alone or do you want me to stay?

LD: *gets into the bed* Can you stay till I fall asleep? I would really enjoy your company.

Cye: *blushes, almost turning the color of Ryo's armor* Ok, I guess *pulls chair over and sits in it*

LD: Thanks.

Cye: *nods and continues to sit*

LD: Are you mad at me for doing what I did?

Cye: A little, you could have been hurt.

LD: I know. I just wanted to keep my promise.

Cye: *looks surprised* I didn't think when you said you'd do something for them you meant break into the store.

LD: I didn't know that at the moment either. It was the only other thing I could think of besides buying all of the fish.

Cye: And there is no way you could have done that.

LD: Not really. *sighs* I just wanted you to be happy.

Cye: Thanks for doing that.

LD: *yawns* You're welcome.

Cye: Why don't you go to sleep now?

LD: All right. *closes eyes and falls asleep within minutes*

Cye: *Smiles, gets up and leaves room closing door behind him*

This is illegal do not break into a mall to save fish.
Sekhmet wasn't in armor due to the fact that he come to the mall only to get a report from Kayura, he didn't think he would run into 2 insane girls.
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