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St. Paul's Episcopal Church
22 E. Chestnut Hill Avenue, Chestnut Hill

Type of Structure: Gothic-Revival Church

Year(s) of Construction: Built between 1928-1929.

Builder: The Firm of Zantzinger, Borie, and Medary.

Gargoyle carver(s): Same as the builder?.

Location: Located a couple of blocks from Germantown Avenue.

Website: St. Paul's Episcopal Church The website is very thorough and includes an interesting history of the church which is part of the history of Chestnut Hill.

Interesting Features:There is a spire with five small gargoyles hanging off of it. .

Personal Observations: This is a beautiful church inside and out. Structurally it is a hall church (instead of a basilica). Inside you will find a beautiful sanctuary with several very cool carved wooden angels hanging almost 5 feet into the sanctuary. They are spaced to coincide with the buttresses (and gargoyles) outside. There are a few Tiffany windows - one is located in the baptistery.

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