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Khanthavone Corp. founded on Earth in the year 1998 has since then consumed nearly every commercial facet availiable to it.  It's large donations to charity and humanitarian projects have also become common-place and are well recgonized throughout the globe.  In the year 2017 Khanthavone Redifined the company vision and directed its focus towards space exploration and development.  Only 30 years later did the grandest project undertaken by the company come to realization: mining the asteroid belt.  Soon a colony on Mars was created solely to process and refine the valuable ore extracted from the belt.  Complimenting the permanent science station's presence in Venusian orbit, the Mars colony paved the way for a deeper thrust toward human exploration and advancement.

Khanthavone taking a bold new step is now sending the first manned expedition to another star system with the intent on colonizing it.  The Titan telescope erected in Mars orbit located a suitable planet in the Proxima Centauri system that harbours the essentials to support human life.  It is now 2068 and the Command Ship Solaris is in orbit around 'Red Earth' awaiting instructions from its Human and Fraal crew.


Be a crew member of the Solaris, the first of two terran vessels whose task is solely to create a colony on the Red Earth.  Your objective?  To locate a suitable Landing Zone, reconnoitre the area, and erect the basic buildings that will support the colony of 150 corporate personnel.  After the colony ship Ortega arrives, the adventure is not over!  The adventure continues for you the player as a manager and leader of the civilian colony dealing with it's many interactions, discoveries, problems, cohesion and most importantly growth.

To find out more about Red Earth, the first campaign in the series of Khanthavone Corp. adventures, click on the Background section and navigate through the information pertaining to your interests.
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