GPSExplorer - Garmin map download

GPSExplorer - Map downloading to garmin units and more..

GPSExplorer is a program for communicating with Garmin GPS units. The program is released under the the GPL license. It is easily extended with a plugin functionality. Current included plugins perform. The program is written in java. It uses the commapi which comes as a separate package from sun.



Download program

GPSExplorer version 0.15

Running GPSExplorer java-programs

  1. Install java runtime and commapi.
  2. Double-click the GPSExplorer_XXX.jar.

NOTE! All use of this program is at Your risk. If it damages your hardware don't blaim the authors! 
(They use it on their own equipment)

Frequently asked questions

Q1. The program doesn't start when I double click it.

A1. java and javaw have problems with jars stored on the desktop. Save in a normal catalog.
A2. Have you installed the java runtime properly. You can also run a .jar program manually by selecting "run" from the start menu and write "c:\program\javasoft\jre\1.3.1\bin\java -jar c:\download\GPSExplorer_XXX.jar". Change paths and XXX appropiately.
A3. There is a problem with the installation of the commapi. The install procedures in commapi is bit outdated. Follow the guidelines below instead.

Q2. I can't select any serial ports?

A. Check the installation of the commapi.

Q3. How do I run my newly created plugin

A. You can't use the feature of auto-starting jar file. Place your plugin in the same folder as GPSExplorer.jar Run "java -cp GPSExplorer_01.jar;. GPSExplorer YOUR_PLUGIN_NAME"

Q4. How can I help? Where do I send my new cool plugin so other can use it.

Have you seen this website? Webmaster for this site wanted!
Are you a java programmer? Join in and write patches or new plugins. Send new code segments to .
Plugins that can be written

Q5. I have seen a couple of plugins in the src directory, what are they?

Q6. What is this about decoding value?

Garmin has put a copyright protection on their maps. The protection is a simple xor, look in one img and guess. It is possible that the value is 150.

Q7. Does this program run under the Linux platform

Propably, try it and report to me. I can't see any reason why it shouldn't.

Q8. How can i get rid of this command prompt that seems to start when i double-click the jar file?

If you run javaw instead of java you will not get that extra window, but you perhaps will loose some important error messages.

Install java runtime and commapi

Additional installinfo for javacomm
  1. Place in c:\program\javasoft\jre\1.3.1\lib
  2. Place comm.jar in c:\program\javasoft\jre\1.3.1\lib\ext
  3. Place win32comm.dll in c:\program\javasoft\jre\1.3.1\bin