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Poojyapada Baba Shri Buddhanath Das
One Level Up

Garoi Ashram
Baba Buddhan‚th Das
Panchasakh‚ - five saints
T‚mrapothi - the oracle
Jagann‚th temple at Garoi
His words
Kalki Mah‚mantra
Rare experiences
Photo album


Shri Jagannath Temple at Gobardhana Pitha Garoi Ashram,
Garoi Ashram
Jagatsinghpur, Orissa



Below is provided a telephone no. which is of one of the 5 disciples of Baba. A direct talk with "The Saint" might be possible, when you go to the Ashram. If you are more interested and have queries, but stay far, you can contact via Letter/E-mail/Telephone.

Mr. Ganeswar Rath (Advocate),
Baimundi marg, Dagarpada,
Orissa, India.
Phone no.: 0091-671-2361144
E-mail: (as is provided above).

PS: As this is a private residence and no commercial organization and there are other liabilities, please do not expect to definitely have a talk at the first attempt. Genuine interests are welcome. For Letter/E-mail, please spare few days to get an answer.