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Kalki mahâmantra english

The following is a part of the advice/talk given by Babaji on 7th Jan, 2003, at Garoi Ashram. Here Baba explains the significance of the Kalki - Mahâ- mantra. The original talk was in Oriya language; the following is a transcript in English. Translation to another language might cause a loss of the exact information/intention. The Oriya language has many typical self-styled words and 46 alphabets; a direct translation might be slightly misleading. 

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Om BiswaGuru KalkiRâma Sudarshana Hare Hare
GadâPadma ShankhaShyâma RâmaKrushna Hare Hare

â (pronounced as A in StAr) +

Always he (God) keeps behind after getting the Guru at the front-end. Why ? What is the reason behind ?

Guru kahile taha jani, Nohile bhramuthaanti praanii, Sakhsyaste Guru Parambrahma
[Guru reveals that knowingly, else the beings wander in confusion, Guru is a form of Parambrahma]

There, Parambrahma Lilamaya Purusha (the supreme-Brahma and the most-illusionary) becomes invisible to the living world. He makes Guru visible to this world. I am only an illiterate man, what can I tell more ? --- Everyone give importance to everyone, considering all as Gurubhai (brother owing to a common Guru) --- and accept , rejoice on, and recite the Gurunâma (name of the Guru) for two minutes. Mahapurusha (the great man, i.e. another name for Shri Achyutânada Das), in the mean time, has written the Kalki Mahâmantra in the form of a letter, at Kâkatpur. May all of you recite this mantra with a bit of soul.

Thakura (Mahapurusha) had told: not the whole of the universe, not the whole of the world, but Orissa is my Sola-mandala (16 zones). Except Orissa:  Anga, Banga, Kalinga, Magadha - in these four places, the period when this Nâma (Kalki Mahâmantra) will be revealed and spread, at that time the blemish of India will be removed and "Dharma" will be established. That period of "Dharma" -establishment has approached.

"Dharma" dhare kiye ? (Who holds the "Dharma" ?) When Dharitri (mother world) becomes restless due to lack of "Dharma", becomes turbulent and tortured, at that time HE (God) reveals (by divine instrumentality) these Nâmas (Mahâmantras). HareKrsihna Mahâmantra, ShriKrishnaChayitanya Mahâmantra, RâdheGovinda Mahâmantra : among so many Mahâmantras, he wanted to establish Kalki Mahâmantra in Kali Yuga and reveal that to all. That time has now arrived. All those who have come here, be it in evening be it in morning - you are spending so much time for so many things - out of that if you can maintain 5 or 2 minutes of Japa (recitation of a mantra) then your family will be liberated, you will be liberated. Your Kalanka (blemishes) will be destroyed - thats why this is Kalki-Mahâmantra.

As Mahapurusha told the Pancha Tatwa (5 elements) Nâma (name of God used for recitation as a mantra),  recite the Pancha Tatwa Nâma:

Shri Achyuta Shri Achyuta Shri Achyuta bolare
Shri Achyuta naame baju khola kara talare
Shri Hari bolare Shri Raama bolare
Shri Krushna bolare Shri Chayitanya bolare
Shri Chayitanya naame baju khola kara-talare


The Nata (refers to Mahapurusha in a playful way) sitting below the Bata (refers to the Peepal tree at Garoi) is playing with his devotees. You all have come only in his name; there is no name of mine involved in it.


When you go away from here, do not ever loose the Nâma, do not throw it away. If you leave after loosing the Nâma, it will be painful for me. The Nâma must be taken. If for about a year this Nâma is recited everyday, if everyday it is repeated, then He is away or near - it will be realized. Geetâ, Purâna, Veda, all those that are there, are only his name. You listen to a discourse at many places; just after returning from the place, you tend to forget. Hold Achyutanada's words in your heart in a way that its not forgotten from your mind. Mahapurusha has told one thing: Dâsa (refers to Baba as one who serves the Mahapursha), If someone asks or wants, give wealth-and-gems (dhana-ratna) - but, hide my things (refers to secrecy in yugakarma). It means : who had told that, he now wants - the time has come, pass something on. Let the mantra be spread and the words be kept.

Mahapurusha Achyutandanka Dasanudasa (one who serves the Mahapurusha) Baba Shri Buddhanath Das


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