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Poojyapada Baba Shri Buddhanath Das
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Baba Buddhan‚th Das
Panchasakh‚ - five saints
T‚mrapothi - the oracle
Jagann‚th temple at Garoi
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Rare experiences

from the devotees pen

If one seriously wants to see the effect, realise the greatness of the Siddhas, feel the omnipresence of Sadgurus, then one must act like the mystical "CHAATAKA" bird, which is a rare example of conviction, trust, and single-mindedness. This amazing bird refuses all other waters, except for rain water that only drops during the fifteenth day lunar cycle in the Autumn. Only for this water, "CHAATAKA" bird will allow no other water to enter the mouth, regardless of the source. It has set its heart on the one. Because of its faith in those clouds, regardless of circumstance, when the time is appropriate, it showers for this blessed bird. It is its firm faith that brings about the downpour ...

"Bisvaasa re Usvaasa, Abisvaase sarbanaasha"

"Belief gives relief, disbelief leads to downfall".