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    Week of September 13th to 19th 2004

  • Well I put this page together mainly to have something reasonably nice-looking to put into my portfolio for Ryerson's film program. Now that I've been accepted this page is officially defunct. I hope Geocities decides to let it keep living though. Perhaps for nostalgic purposes. Much of what I wrote in those film reviews no longer coincides with how I think about film. As a matter of fact I no longer like quite a few of the films I praised in those reviews when younger. But if nothing else the reviews at least show an undeniably earnest enthusiasm for the medium. So I will look back on this page in the future (hopefully as a satisfied man working within the industry) and smile.

    Week of February 16th to 22nd 2003

  • Added new "Latest Review."
  • Added Alex Cox's "Repo Man" to the "Classics" page.
  • Added "Mystery Clock" to the "Links" page.

    Week of February 2nd to 8th 2003

  • Added Henry Czerny to the "Actors/Directors" page.
  • Updated "Retro" and "Latest" Recommendations.


    * Phone Booth ------------------l-/'--* Lost Highway

    * Far From Heaven ----'------'----- * Nashville

    * The Pianist --.--[---.-l--'---l---'-/- * House of Games

    * Adaptation. ---.i------'---------+-- * Night on Earth

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