Welcome. For all of you that have heard of Garrett Games, this is it's official website!
For all of you that want to know what we have on this page, we have online games, stories of the games (for all of you that like to read) the game downloads of course, a thing called the deathmatches, witch is a very entertaining reading thing that I think you'll all enjoy. Just look to your left to find all the stuff you can do here!


4-22-01 By Aaron : We don't have to move!!! Yay. But now, I have to get a new file server. :( BUT, I've got some news, we have a new Garrett Games Team Member!!!!! His name is Theos Garrett, and he's my cousin. He's got some great
new ideas for TCG RPG 2, our newest game. But now I have some bad news. TCG TNG is being cancelled and so
is TCG Wars. Now, for some more good news, A TCG 9 section is being added. Go there for info, things we need for the game that YOU can help us with, and more stuff.

4-?-01By Aaron : First off, i'd like to say happy easter. Secondly, i'm sorry to say that we have to move the site to a
different sever. I know it sucks, but geocities wouldn't upload my files(The GG humor installer and the on-line TCG game), so we have to move. *Sigh* I'll let you know the new address as soon as we get one.

4-13-01 By Aaron : Well,
apparently, FreakZone! changed it's name to BS-Freakzone. Personally, I liked their site the old way. Anyway, another new project game. It is TCG WARS, an arcade space-battle game. Oh, yeah, and i've added Garrett Games Humor to the downads section. And I FORGOT TO MAKE A LINK TO THE EPISODES PAGE IN THE SUPER SMASH STADIUM SECTION!!!! ARRRRGGGGHH!!!! I fixed that and made a new episode, too! It's Mario VS Sonic. That's all for today. Seeya. ^_^

3-?-01 By Kristopher : Woohoo! TCG : The New Generation is coming along pretty nicely. And, we have decided not to put up the quiz section. It took up more space on the page than we had, so we had to shut it down.
:(  BUT, we have some screen shots of TCG : The New Generation up! You can look at them by clicking

3-23-01 By Aaron : So, I FINALLY decided to update again.
Sorry, i've been caught up in other things. I have something
called a LIFE and it is much more important than this site.
But anyway, a new section has been added. It's a Quiz. With some funny stuff tied in. Now, in the super smash stadium I see that I forgot to make a link that goes to The Garrett Brothers VS The Freddy The Frog Characters match. Sorry. That's been taken care of. Well, sadly that's all for this update except for two things. 1) TCG : The New Generation is coming along nicely, 2)and sorry for not having ANYTHING up ont the downloads page.

03-?-01 By Aaron : It...Just...Isn't.. Posible.......Aaron....Updated?....No way....
Well, Garrett Games is back from the dead, with several new games on the way. Many have been cancled, including The Cybernetic Generation : Underwater Adventures. But...Now for the good news! We have a new game for you, coming up! It's The Cybernetic Generation : The New Generation. Believe me, it's gonna be a good game. Intense overhead battles, funny cut-scenes, it's just plain gonna be an overall great game. Also, added a new section, the Super SMASH Stadium. Basically a parody off of Super SMASH Bros. for the N64.  Also, a new article is being added, about Super Mario 2. It's about how it's really
a differnt game, just edited to have Mario and the gang. Well, that's it for this update. Expect more from the next one.

11-26-00 By Aaron : Aaron : Hello, gamers of the world!
Gamers : Hello, Mr. Garrett!
Aaron : We have some more games for ya. #1 is The Cybernetic Generation : Underwater Adventures. In this game you swim through fairly good looking 3D(!!!) graphics levels. The game is 60% underwater fun. The other 40% is on land or on/in ships & submarines.  I have been e-mailed many times for an underwater game, so here it is! #2 game is Super Aaron 3D! You see power.... you hear power..... you even feal power..... Talpa is back in Super Aaron 3D! #3 game is Sean's trick style. In this skateboarding (or in this case hoverboarding) game you can choose to be Sean or a variety of TCG (The Cybernetic Generation) characters such as Aaron, Kris, David, Sarah,
and even Azrealite! You can do tons of tricks such as Rocket air, Impossible, several grind tricks, kick flip and tons more!

By Aaron : Jeese, its been a
LONG time since we updated. The reason is my computer crashed and we had to put a new hard drive in it. So all the games we made that we had on our computer are GONE so if we want to put them on the site we have to make them again but we will. We also have a bunch of new games we're working on. The first one is "NiGHTS Into Dreams". It is an RPG in witch you must save the land of Japarida from an unknown evil character that the one NiGHTS (the main character) hears about from the person he was told to kill. You will face demons and learn amazing powers. The next game is The Crystal Race : The New Power. Androids are made to destroy Aaron and his friends because of a little incident that happened when Aaron was a child.  The Cybernetic Generation 7 and 8  are being made, and we have another new character! His name is Tenchi Muyo(Muyo is short for Muyosaki)! Tenchi is a boy that awakens a demon that grows to like Tenchi but that starts a whole truck load of trouble. And were making some Nintendo Fan games. 1( Mario&Sonic! This game is what would happen if Sega became friends with Nintendo and they made a game together. In this game, Mario and Sonic have joined forces to stop Bowser and Dr. Robotnik whom have joined forces too. 2( The Gex chronicles. Gex has been called out for another missoin with even more TV shows you can jump into.
9-30-00 By Sean : We have FINNALLY put our first article up. Its a poem called "I'm a plumber and i'm okay". Its a very funny Mario poem but when its getting close to the end it gets offensive to people with Mario Madness. But hey, that parts the funny part!

9-29-00 By Aaron : Been working on the S.A adventures page and I finnally got it up. I have (finnally) put up the deathmatches page. Our first match is Megaman VS Protoman! But I will be putting up more in the old deathmatches because Megaman VS Protoman was
not schedualed to be our first match. Also, in the S.A adventures I have put in the
fighting page up. Go there if your looking for some action!
In the S.A adventures page I have also put up the info about the Crystal Masters! Thats all for now, but i'm still working. I will probably even have another update tonight. So keep doin' stuff! See, told you i'd have another update tonight. Well, I have actually put a song on the music from the games page! And i'm still working on opening the articles section. It's starting to get late, so my mom will make me go to bed soon enough. *Aaron groans* Oh wel
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BS-Freakzone. Our rival game making team.
RT Soft. Creators of one of my favorite games, Dink Smallwood. Note: Dink Smallwood has language unsuitable for children.
Yahoo! Geocities. What I made this site with.
Free games! Need I say more?
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