This is where I am going to start telling my story about me,I have not really started yet, but soon there will be more. Ok , well to start I was born in march, 1954..St louis, Mo. We moved to Alburqerque,N.M. when I was about 1 year old. I vaguely remember that I started to like to draw,or try to when I was still crawling, I got in trouble for drawing on the walls with crayons. So they took the crayons away crayons, and taped paper to the bottom parts of the walls, so I didn't mark the walls any more, later when I knew better just lots of paper. I later started alot with water colors..I really loved to draw and paint. when I was abt 5 or 6 we moved t Santa Fe,N.M. Our first day there ,I saw a old man painting by the river, right there by the Desert Inn Motel .....He was working with oils,painting the St.Michales,school,or the Laredo school (Catholic schools) and the church..these buildings are no longer there, it is now The Inn at Laredo, a hotel for rich people ..The man painting facinated me, I told him one day I was going to learn to do the same. His name is Tommie Macionie, I am not sure if I spell it right..I guess he is dead now, but not really dead, his work, lives forever. nd the memory of him lives forever in my mind..Any way,this is not about him,its about me,that is also why I dont go into stuff about my mother,father,or aunts in pride crossing,mass...one could write pages and pages,telling all about theyre family and freinds,and maybe I will one day,but right now this is about me.
There is alot of things to say about me, I am going to skip ahead.I do some yard work and odd jobs, also still painting, sometimes some sign painting, I did a mural for one church, about 5 year ago here in Waco,Tx.Also 2 murals in Ellensburg,Wa,for Scott Repp,in the Davidson Building,but I have no photos of these.The paintings on the other pages, include some murals I have painted in Mexico,Now, I work in Cuencame,Dgo.Mx,my home is in "palomas",I am doing work in stone,cantera,marble onix, traventina.. I really like the stone work,and am working on some sculptures,they are not ready to be shown, but I really loveit,maybe even more than painting. to see what I do in stone Often after I eat , I sit outside and sketch or draw something I want
to express, and say.. that I see in the surrounding hills , river, and landscape, It makes me cry some times because nobody understands.....They say you cannnot
see God,but you can see his work, But when I am alone, and looking at what HE made, the sky, the earth, the
hills , mountains, waters, birds ...everything,, This is GOD ... this is His work....I am
only a painter, and try to paint what I see , I see GODs work in everything that is liveing
The sky ,the trees and plants, waters.,hills, mountains...birds and animals..
all of this ...painting these works , this is my life and my work...maybe you say I am crazy,or stupid,but that is ok. I say the ones that are busy makeing wars and schemes,to conquer the world,are the ones that are crazy,but any way everyone has theyre opinion,
Ok well now I have something new,running horses and me, painting a church..Here are someMore paintings any way right now I am not sure what more to say,,so if you are looking for other things, or resources you may be intrested in this: Resourcelinks Business Directory I put in a request with them to list my webb page , and so I am putting a link to them here.. or RETURN TO INDEX MORE ABOUT ME more about me