Pitchures Here are some pitchures of what I painted in Mexico. this is of the Lobina Negra the restuarant,it is of the restuarant,but painted on the inside wall,just as the restuarant looks from the outside. next ...and this is me,working on a trailer. and this is the canyon,Rio Nazas about 3km below "la Presa" (La Presa Francisco Zarco)... this is the first one I painted, on a wall in a restuarant,it is a view of "la Presa Francisco Zarco" I used a airial photo, for my copy to paint it. Next this is a painting, of the fields, but it is done from my memory,not of a specific place, although near my house,there is a road that goes to the river,and it passes some fields,and is very much like it is in this painting.. next a view of the Rio Nazas, please note none of these paintings are for sale, I traded this one and some of the others for my meals, but all shown on these pages are not available for sale..next also of the river (Rio Nazas ,Nuevo Graceros, Dgo.Mex this one is of "La Presa Francisco Zarco", I climbed up on the hill, just below the dam for this view, and painted there I spent 4 days on this, every day I climbed up with my stuff and worked most of the day..I do sell alot of copies of this one, by request,the orginal is owned by my girl friends father... this is below the dam, looking down the canyon, , this is of "la Presa" painted on another wall inside the "Lobina Negra", a restuarant... a hill, named "indio dormido", (sleeping indian), also know as "rilis de venado".. and these two are also in the "lobina Negra" , she could not fit the entire mural in one photo, it is of the lake, and the river canyon below, on the top part of the wall in the front entrance of the restuarant.. this is the same trailer, but I was not finished yet..And this is a painting of horses,on black velvet so well thats all for now ,thanks for stopping by. from Garry. me, painting a church in Waco,Tx.Here is a photo of a fountain I made, This is a onynx wash basin anotherHere is another site on "la Presa" and Rio Nazas, click here Here are some other links,Cuencame,Dgo,Mx., Cuencame,Dgo.where I work, writers net useless knowledge however, what one person thinks is useless another may finf usefull and interesting , check it out. to return my home page.