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Also, as this is my exam period, Updates will not be that frequent.
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23 Oct 12:51AM Best Denki
23 Oct 12:47AM Robinsons 22 - 26 Oct
23 Oct 12:44AM Lacoste  17 Oct - 2 Dec
23 Oct 12:40AM WHSmith
23 Oct 12:35AM KFC
23 Oct 12:30AM Takashimaya 24 Oct - 2 Nov
23 Oct 12:28AM The Link  Till 31 Oct
13 Oct 06:59PM Gardenia 1 Oct - 8 Dec
13 Oct 01:00AM Isetan Till 2 Nov
13 Oct 12:56AM Goldheart Till 20 Nov
13 Oct 12:49AM Lorenzo
13 Oct 12:45AM Meyson
13 Oct 12:38AM Transformers
04 Oct 11:53AM Mums & Babes Till 31 Oct
01 Oct 02:00PM Sportslink
01 Oct 01:55PM Toys "R" Us
01 Oct 01:50PM Motorcycles
01 Oct 12:06PM UOB Credit Cards
01 Oct 11:59AM Tangs
01 Oct 11:52AM Borders
23 Sep 03:04PM Burger King
08 Sep 07:08PM America Express Till 31 Dec

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