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Icom R72 Communications receiver
For worldwide reception. shortwave, ham, planes/ships, pirate radio, code -worldwide.

Netset 200ch scanner   
Local type communication monitering. Police, fire, rescue, media, phones ect...

RadioShack 40Ch CB base station
CB chatter. 10-4 good buddy.
Sony portable shortwave
Similar to the big communications receiver above but less powerful, good for travel and when you can't use the big one, less features.
RadioShack hand held scanner
A "take with you" scanner great for travel or keeping with you for portability.
Ramsey descrambler & RadioShack spkr
Does just what it says, descrambles the scrambled radio channels- also scrambles. Needs a speaker plugged into it.
Neet little antenna, no battries or power needed. Just set it beside your radio and hear it suck the stations in. It works! ( AM radio)
MFJ Antenna tuner
Matches your outside antenna to your radio.
· Roof top discone antenna for my scanner/s
· Alpha Delta 60' high power slant for the communications receiver
· Archer 16' base antenna for the CB
· Long wire for when the need is there