Gartwo's Tape Trading Page
Welcome to Gartwo's Tape Trading Page!
Last update: 02/07/04
The purpose of this website is to further expand and enjoy my hobby of collecting vintage videotapes. I especially love finding 1980's TV broadcasts of all kinds, as they originally aired with the great 80's commercials. I hope to add much more stuff to my collection through this site, and meet some more fellow nostalgia addicts who reside in the past along with me! To check out my 'Haves' and 'Wants' in the five categories listed above, simply click on the appropriate links. If you see something you might like to have, or if you have something that I might want, by all means please feel free to email me and hopefully we can work out a trade. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to possibly working out a trade with you soon!

Please Note:
Before requesting a trade, I ask that you please read the Quality, Trade, and Legal Guidelines that I have listed below.
Legal Stuff:
You may notice that this is Gartwo's Tape Trading Page, not Tape Selling Page. In no way do I claim legal ownership to any copyrighted properties in the footage here. No money changes hands and no financial profit is to be made from them. This page is intended merely for collector-to-collector nostalgic enjoyment, with the "Fair Use" policy of United States copywright laws in mind. For more information on the laws surrounding videotape recording and trading, please visit this link. If you want to get tapes from me but don't have anything to trade, never fear! Check out the trading guidelines below for details on how we can still work out a transaction.
Video Quality Information:
Please be aware that when dealing with old TV footage on VHS, some of which is over 20 years old, nothing will be absolutely crystal-clear and perfect. The quality of some videos are better than others, but you can rest assured that everything listed here is in fine, watchable condition unless any major problems are otherwise stated in a tape's description. If you have specific quality questions about a particular tape, please email and i'll be glad to answer. I will try to be as descriptive and helpful as possible when reporting on a tape's quality.
Trading Policy:
  1. First and foremost, if you email me requesting a trade I expect you to be able to send first; at least for the first time we deal together. Likewise, if I were to visit your webpage and request a trade from you I would have no problems sending first. After we become familiar with each other, I have no problems with "same day shipping" on trades.
  2. I'm not too picky about the brand of videotapes that you send me. I like to use any of the name brands regularly sold at Wal-Mart, because those are the most convenient for me to buy. (Maxell, Sony, RCA, etc...) I can assure you there will be no cheap-o "Dollar Store" tapes used and I expect the same in return.
  3. I like to trade as evenly as possible. If you request 15 hours of footage on 3 tapes, I expect 3 tapes with roughly the same amount of footage in return.
  4. I typically don't care whether something is in SP or EP format. I usually copy all my stuff in EP, but if you prefer SP just let me know.
  5. When shipping out videos, I prefer to send via Media Mail becasue it's the cheapest. If you'd like your tapes sent by a different method, such as the more expensive but quicker Priority Mail, just let me know beforehand. All I ask in return is that you ship my tapes by the same method I ship yours.
  6. If you don't have any footage to trade, but really want something from the site, we still may be able to work out a deal. If i'm not currently in the midst of preparing a lot of trades I will make copies for you in exchange for blank tapes. Also, I collect wrestling figures and various other things so you may be able to come up with something else i'd be interested in trading for.
  7. Finally, i'm just one guy with a hobby. I'm not a major league trader with a roomful of VCRs running around the clock. I only like to deal with one, maybe two trades at a time. So if you email me requesting a trade at a time when i'm already in the process of trades with others, I will have to put you on hold until my free time allows it. It's nothing personal, I just don't want to get in the situation of being overloaded with a thousand trades at once and wasting all my free time copying tapes. It's more convenient for you and me that way.
Thanks again for visitng the site, and I look forward to trading with you soon...especially if you've got something i'm looking for!

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