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Capture the Flag is by far my favorite game type in UT2004. It took me a couple months to get to a point where I was good enough to get some respect from fellow CTFers, which I’m pretty happy with considering this is my first FPS game. During that time I searched high and low for online guides that could tell me what I thought I needed to know to be a better CTF player. I only found one or two decent guides, and unfortunately I found them after I discovered the information on my own. Plus, none of them had the raw offensive strategies that I was looking for. So after I figured some of it out on my own, I made a guide myself.


Because of the chaos that often exists in public CTF servers I originally learned how to play without the help of my teammates. I flew solo and pretty much stuck to the offensive role, capping flags for my team, mostly because it was more fun than defense. As I figured out how to find the right public servers, I played more often with other players that craved teamwork as well. It was definitely better, but it was nothing in terms of the player coordination that is typically found on an organized competitive team.


I consider the use of any thought out strategy to be the first step away from noobdom and at the intermediate level of play. Most of the intermediate information on this site can be utilized on public CTF servers where there is little teamwork and you are often forced to work alone. The advanced strategies contain information that can be used with an organized CTF team, where players have predetermined responsibilities and teamwork is an integral part of the game.


This is by no means the best way to play CTF in UT2k4. This is simply how I play. Most of the basic information, like weapon information, adrenaline, game settings and key bindings, are not discussed here because they are covered in many other sites on the web. For the most part, this guide concentrates on offensive strategies, specifically flag running.


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