Gary's Site

   My name is Gary and this is my site about me. I am 14 years old I live in Hesperia Ca. I live with my dad.I have a girlfriend and her name is ashley and i like her alot.When im not at home doing nothing i am most likely hanging out with my friends Griff,Mike F,Grego,Mike M,Bobby,Nicole
Raul,Etc.........We dont do mutch but talk and do nothing so my life is mostly boring i was bord when i made this site it is 1:36 AM and i am not doing anything.Oh yeah and back to me i have 1 Bro,3 Sis,2 Step Bros,3 Step Sis,A Step Mom,A Dad, And A Mom.But I only live with my dad because my step mom kicked me out of the house so my dad had to rent and appartment for me and him.Lets see if you dont know me then get the fuck off this site jkjkjkjkjk um i have Green/Yellow/Blond/Brown hair,Blue eyes im like 5'3 or 5'4 white and that is about all i guess.Um.......... if you wana see some of my friends check out my Frieds page it is some where on my site oh ya and if you dont know my cool web page is at If you wana check it out.
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