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In the year 1643, Oliver Cromwell mustered an army. He turned out everyone in Parliament. Cromwell then took his army all over England. He destroyed those he could catch belonging to Gentry. He destroyed their castles, monasteries and Convents. His army eventually arrived in Staffordshire. That is the County where the Cordall's Ancestry commences.
Cromwell's second in command was named Captain Corda and during his time in Staffordshire, Captain Corda fell in love with a local girl. However Captain Corda had to leave when Cromwell took his army further north. Captain Corda deserted Cromwell's army and returned to Staffordshire to the girl he loved, but the village people would have nothing to do with him, he was stripped naked, tarred and feathered and the he was turned out of the village.
Soon after the girl gave birth to a son and she named him William Thomas Corda.
A few years later, a man came to the village and settled down as a farmer. His name was William Thomas Cordall and later he married the girl who had a boy son by Captain Corda and they lived happily ever after.
Everyone knew that this man was really Captain Corda. They prospered and raised a large family.
Anyone by the name Cordall can be traced to the village named Bucknall after Ferris Cordall and Jo Cordall circa 1910.
Cordall...(cos Norfolk and Suffolk) Achievement- Gules, a chevron engrailed ermine between three griffin's heads erased argent. Crest A cockatrice wings close Vert., combede and Wattled… Motto- Lockhart
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