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Apparently, I need the attention...
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My name is Gary. I am a part-time Travel Agent for DigiWorld Travel and software developer for Computer Gurus. In my other life I am a programmer and network administrator. You can see my work on sites like Better Be Safe Tenant Screening, Quorum Employee Screening, and Finance Express. I'm still a technophile, but currently, I have chosen a path that is less frustrating.

I am on a path to discover the joys of life and take each moment as a gift as I explore this planet, technology, music, arts, and literature. I am also a follower of world religions. This makes me a spiritualist and amateur philosopher.

It is my desire to someday, possibly for my next professional incarnation, become a writer. Preferably a talented writer. I have many stories to tell but I know I need a lot of practice and I have learning to do. So bear with me. Help me. Join me and lets see what we can find together. as I turn myself from hack to author.

And Thank you for the audience.
Apparently I really need the attention...

In my other life I am a programmer and network administrator.
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