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Tragedy Of School Bus 27

Fatality List

Prestonsburg, Ky. School Bus Tragedy Of 1958

In Ralph Bowman's song, he says "odd as it my be, twenty seven was used by three". Bus 27, 27 died and the driver was 27 years old.

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The Children.....

Doris Faye Burchett, 15, of Emma.
James Edison Carey, 9, of Emma.
Glenda May Cisco, 17, and her brother, Kenneth F. Cisco, 14, of Sugar Loaf.
Sandra Faye Cline, 8, and her sister, Paulette Cline, 9, of Lancer.
Imogene Darby, 17, of Cow Creek.
Linda Darby, 14, of Cow Creek.
James Edward Goble, 12, his brother, John Spencer Goble, 11, and sister, Anna Laura Goble, 9, of Emma.
Jane Carol Harris, 14, of Emma.
John Harlan Hughes Jr., of Emma.
Margaret Louise Hunt, 15, of Cow Creek.
Bucky Ray Jarrell, 14, and his sister, Katie Carol Jarrell, 13, of Sugar Loaf.
Marcella Jervis, 14, of Emma.
Montaine Jervis, 15, of Endicott.
Thomas Roosevelt Jervis, 13, of Buffalo Creek.
Katherine Justice, 15, of Endicott.
Nannie Joyce McPeek, 17, of Lancer.
Joyce Ann Matney, 14, and her sister, Rita Cheryl Matney, 8, of Lancer.
James L. Meade, Jr., 9, of Lancer.
James Thomas Ousley, 15, of Lancer.
Randy Scott Wallen, 17, of Lancer.

And the bus driver John Alex DeRossett, 27, of Water Gap.

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