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Welcome to the Ali Babba Village.  This site is designed to be used along with (use the arrow to other great sites at bottom of the page).  The business names were chosen by individuals that play Ali Babba slot game at in the Sands of Time table.  We also have another web site that will put faces to the names used in the pogo game. The link for that site is also found by going to other great sites at the bottom of the page.  Please enjoy our sites and give us feedback.  My E-mail address is on this page for garystuffit (Gary).  See Lainie's site for other e-mail addresses.  If you have a picture that you would like to add to this room, please e-mail me and be sure that the picture is in .jpg or .gif format.  I will then load it here for all to enjoy.  I will let Lainie know about it and she will mark her page so that she can link the two sites together.

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Village of Baghdad Officials
Mayor:                                Quiet One
Good Will Ambassador:      Lainie414
PR Director:                        LittleStar234
Bank Of Baghdad
Pres. Fran1959
V. Pres. Littlestar
design by kauii4ever
Furby's Ink Attic
Operated by
Lindy's Cobra Cuisine
Operated By
Baglady's Baghdad Boutique
Operated By Jec1365
Enema Cinema
Camel Parking Lot
Operated By
7th Jewel Daycare Center
Operated By
Crazy Camel Magic
Carpet Corner
Operated By Texoasis
Little Baghdad's
Welcome Center
Operated By
Shark 38
Mystic Memories
Operated By
Oh Pleasure
Due Right Collection Agency

Operated By Dudleybeme
Home Brew Korn Hut
Operated By
Mr/Mrs Kornhusk
Habib's Baklava Boutique
Operated By
Hump & A Half Gourmet Deli
Operated by:
Hoopers's Cobbler Shop
Operated By
    Our village as seen from
a magic flying carpet high above.
Sands of Time Gift Shop
Operated By:
Baghdad Bed & Breakfast
Operated By
Shimmy Shaker Belly
Dance Studio & Bathhouse
Operated By
Q's Pizza Palace
Operated By
Quiet One 6072
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