Artist's Photo Reference:  Boats & Nautical Scenes (click for larger image)

Soft Cover
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Artist's Photo Reference:
Boats & Nautical Scenes

Over 475 Photos 
6 Step-by-Step Demonstrations 

Inside, this book contains over 475 color reference photos of gorgeous images that capture nautical scenes in a variety of locales and from different angles, taken with the artist in mind.

You'll find fishing boats, sailboats, yachts, cruise ships, seaplanes, docks, harbors, marinas, lighthouses, seabirds and much more.

Artist's Photo Reference:  Landscapes (click for larger image)

Soft Cover
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Artist's Photo Reference:

Over 400 Photos 
How To Create Your Own Reference Photos 
Six Step-By-Step Demos 

Artist's Photo Reference: Landscapes features over 400 images of oceans,  rivers, lakes, skies, mountains, deserts, forests and many more landscape elements photographed with detailed clarity to enable the artist to create the perfect scene. You will also learn how to select the proper equipment to shoot your own reference photos, along with advice on how to use your computer to create composites.

Six step-by-step demonstrations by master artists working in their mediums of choice will show you how to use reference photos to paint your own captivating landscapes.

Artist's Photo Reference:  Buildings & Barns (click for larger image)

Soft Cover
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Artist's Photo Reference:
Buildings & Barns

Over 400 Images
Six Step by Step Demos by Professional Artists

In this book is a variety of homes, barns, sheds, churches, bridges, and more ó over 400 photos that capture the spirit and character of these subjects, ranging from weathered and rustic to unusual and charming.

Reflections, Textures, and Backgrounds

Item # 510

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NewArtistís Photo Reference:
Reflections, Textures & Backgrounds

From smooth stones in a riverbed to light reflecting off satin, to a sunset over desert sands, capturing reflections, textures and backgrounds is key to adding depth and interest to your work. In this comprehensive source, youíll find more than 475 images that will help you grasp these subjects so you can paint them realistically and skillfully.

Youíll learn the basics of taking your own reference photos and find six step-by-step demonstrations so you can see how different artists interpret reference photos to create their own work. With this wide spectrum of subjects at your fingertips Ė along with instruction on how to get the most out of them Ė youíll find your creativity and painting skills growing in new ways.

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