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COURSES FOR 2009 - 20010 are:

Grade 12 ECONOMICS: College/University (CIA4U1-01 & CIA4U1-02)

GRADE 12 LAW: College/University (CLN4U1-01)

Grade 10 CANADIAN HISTORY:Two Sections of CHC2D1,& CHC2P1

HAVE A GREAT SUMMER 2008-2009 School Year is complete!

The 2008-2009 School Year

DATED Monday June 29, 2009.



Period of Final Evaluation.

Grade 10 CANADIAN HISTORY: Academic


Unit One Topics

Class work on Inventions: focus on Thomas Edison. Completed in September 2006!

Inventions of the 20th Century. Complete!

Prelude to the Great War: Causes will be examined!

The Spark that started the war! Newspaper Assignment!

All students received an assignment to write a newspaper report on the Assassination of Crown Prince of the Austrian-Hungary Empire. The event took place Sunday June 28, 1914.

The Great War has started.

In Class work: the Maps of Europe prior to the Great War and the Causes to the Great War were studied. Completed

Key word to remember for the causes: MAIN

Students focus on 4 major battles where Canadians served in The Great War.

The role of Women during the Great War (WW 1) will also be investigated this week.

The Next Internet LINKS are recommended.

A Great War Link to a variety of other LINKS

Photos of the Archduke

Post Cards of WW 1 Link

Link to a Site Dedicated to the Great War

A Link to Great Photos of WW I

A Link to My Great Uncle John's Memorial acknowledged by VAC

Great War ESSAY

The Last Hundred Days: Refer to Page 100 of your Text Book.

The Roaring 20's Begin. War is Over on November 11, 1918!!

Students are learning about life in the 20's: music, entertainment, sports, women rights, prohibition and RADIO!!! Focus on AL Jolson:1st Talking Movie is the JAZZ SINGER. CBC radio excerpts will be played in class.

BE PREPARED: Summative Assignment for Unit 1 is a RADIO Program in 1929.

Groups and Topics are now set for the RADIO SHOW. (nov. 24, 26, or 28, 2008 in class)

The Famous Betty Boop of the 20's & 30's

Begin to Think About Preparing for your RADIO Show from 1929.

Check out the EIGHT Links below!!!

Guy Lomardo and His Royal Canadians

Al Jolson Official Site Link

Old Canadian Radio Link

Roaring 20's Site

Mary Pickford: America's Sweetheart

1930's Radio Shows

Radio Show Presentations end by November 28, 2008.

To prepare students for their Radio Program, class time included 20's music, silent and talking films, inventions etc of the period 1900-1929.

UNIT 2: Depression & the Horrors of War (1929-1945)

Joy Gas Stations 1939 until 1970's

Causes and impact of the Great Depression will be studied.

January: Social Implications & New Political Parties. Prelude to WAR!Question: summary from Class Discussion & Film and your Research on life in the 1930's will be investigated. Students continue to learn about Political Parties and other solutions in the 1930's.

Assignment: Writing in Role (letter to Bennett)in the Dirty Thirties. Submit January 2008.

My Grandfather's 32 Chevrolet

My Grandfather probably bought this automobile used. I remember being picked up at the Orillia Train Station in the 50's. During the 30's few autombiles were built because of the Depression and Automobiles were not built in the War Years 1941 -1946.

Rise of Hitler, Prelude to WAR!!!! Steps to War.

Canadians in Hong Kong 1941. Observation Sheets Handed in at Completion of Documentary. Week of February 5, 2008 in class.

Quiz on Prelude to WWII: 1929-1939 and WWII 1939-1945 in February 2007.

Dieppe Raid: 1942

War At Sea is the Focus of WW II this week. A news report on the Battle of The Atlantic and the sinking of the Bismarck is the next assignment. Bismarck Link

NEWS REPORT on Bismarck was due in class.

"D" Day studied. This will be followed by the Battle for the Scheldt. (Holland etc.) Video with Questions!!

For WW II in the Burma Theater of War: Go to the WW II site in Burma in Honour of my Father and the RCAF

Link for the Battle for the Scheldt This is the Battle that my friend Len Halbach fought in for Canada

This week, students will study the "HOME FRONT" in WW 2. The Issue of Conscription and the life at Home will be examined.

The World War II will be over before March Break!!

Students will take notes on the Video: Clouded Dawn. Len Halbach is in the NFB presentation!! Notes in class will be submitted in class at the conclusion.

World War II test on March 6 or 7 in your class.

Topics include: Battle at Dieppe, Battle of Britain, Hong Kong, Battle at Ortona, Battle on the Home Front, Battle of the Sheldt and Burma Theater of War.

Unit 3: 1946-1967 ? Pursuit of Security, Prosperity, and Unity

First Lesson: History of Toronto 1920 to 1967.


Buddy Holly: Died in a plane crash on February 3, 1959: The Day the Music Died.

Buddy recorded the song ?It Doesn?t Matter Anymore? written by Canada?s Paul Anka. In January 1959, he began a tour with Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper, and Dion & The Belmonts. After their show in Clear Lake, Iowa, Buddy decided to get off the cold bus and charter a Plane. Buddy, Ritchie & The Big Bopper died when the small 4 seat plane crashed on take off.

On return from the break the period of time POST WW II will be studied as we enter the 50's and the "Baby Boomers".

Great Link to a 50's Web Site

Week of March 29: Cold War and Baby Boomers Introduced including post war immigration to Canada and the United Nations.

Click on the MOTOWN Pamphlet for a Tour of Motown in Detroit.

The Motown Historical Museum traces the roots of Motown's remarkable story and chronicles its impact on 20th century popular culture and music styles.

From your Text Book, students will also study the "COLD WAR".

Canada on the World Stage: Gouzenko Affair, United Nations, Uncle Louis and Lester (Mike) Pearson receiving a Nobel Peace Prize for Canada.

Toronto from 1920 to the present. Video Presentation with Answer Sheets.

Link to Parkdale/Sunnyside

Canada becomes of age!

Toronto has experienced it's own share of Weather Disasters. Hurricane Hazel struck Toronto in 1954. Read about it on the link.

Link to Hurricane Hazel Site

50th Anniversary of the TTC Subway.

American Culture influences on Canada: Baby Boomers, TV, DJ's on the radio.

Link to Canadian Rock'N'Roll Stars who made Billboard & CHUM CHART

Check out this 55 Chevy. This was a Teenagers favourite CAR.

Role Playing Assignment on the Boomer years. Culminating Assignment for Unit 3 to be determined!

The New Flag, Diefenbaker, Pearson, minority parliament, Canada's Birthday (week of April 16 to 23rd)

THE SIXTIES: Lifestyle & Canada's Birthday

UNIT Four: 1968-1983 - Conflicts and Economic Challenges

Classwork on 1960's & 70's: FLQ, War in Asia, Hippies, Social Unrest, Pearson, Trudeau, 1982 Constitution Act.

UNIT FIVE: 1984-Present - North American Reality

Unit Six: Final Course Culminating Evaluation - Begins April 7, 2009

Library Research and a Presentation in Class (15% or 1/2 Culminating: see below)

The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 to 12, Program Planning and Assessment states that thirty percent of the grade is based on a final evaluation in the form of an examination, a performance, an essay, and/or other method of evaluation suitable to the course content and administered towards the end of the course.

Final Mark as follows:

Final Evaluation: 30 % Presentation 15% (completed by May 5, 2009)

Final Exam 15% June 12,2009 at 9:30AM

Class Work: 70%

GRADE 12 LAW: College/University


Expectations handed out in First Class.



First Unit studies the HERITAGE OF LAW.

First assignment was an essay on an a case when someone contests or breaks the law because they disagree in principle with the law. Note Socrates and Plato. DUE: October 5 or 6 in CLASS! APPROVED!!!!! for 2007!

Read your Text Books of the philosophers.

Classwork is being counted. Chapter one questions are due in class on time!

Chapter 2: teacher v. student. Note Criminal Code and Education Act.

Your first test in Class is scheduled for October 24, 2007.

Current UNIT 2 on Constitutional Law.

UNIT 2: Chapter 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

French/English Relations: The Cultural Divide?

Topics include All Sections of the Charter, The Constitution Act 1982, Meech Lake, and Charlottetown Accord. P>Human Rights with a focus on Aboriginal issues are included in Unit 2.

Charter of Rights Link Constitution of 1982

All students will receive copies of Sections 35 & 36.


Click on the Supreme Court of CANADA for your course background.

Click on Ontario's courts for small claims, court of Appeal, Family court etc.

Click on the Flag for the Ontario Metis Nation site's recent Cases

Human Right Cases and Charter of Rights Cases in chapters 4 to 8 will be examined.

Assignment on a Human Rights Case was given out in class.

Multiple Choice Quiz on Blue Print of Canada's Constitution (pending)

Left click below for the


Human Right Issues and Charter of Rights Cases will be studied.

Summative Evaluation for this Unit 2 will be a Supreme Court Of Canada "CASE".

Students are preparing for the Hearing of their case. Case is scheduled in December 15, 2008 Case of R. V. Powley was assigned.

Post and current Charter Cases were Examined: Chapters 5,6,7,8.

NOTE!!! Judges report in Class in January 2007.

NEW FOR LAW in January 5, 2009: UNIT 3 CRIMINAL LAW.

Famous Criminals: Boyd Gang: take notes (included for Jan. Exam information)

Community Standards & Criminal Law

What makes a Criminal?

R. V. Butler (1992)

Criminal Code: Section 163, 210, 211, 212, 213 and sections in the Text.

Note: Charter of Rights continues to apply!

Types of Crimes p. 254: Indictable Offences, Summary Conviction Offences and Hybrid Offences.

Legal definition of Crime.

Starts January First Case was Steven Truscott.

Famous Canadian Murder Cases: Morin, Donaldson, Milgaard & Truscott

Criminal Process. Arrest, court, prison, etc.

Note: Trial by Wager of Law, Trial by Battle & Trial by Ordeal.

Adversarial System. Assignment due on Febuary 23, 2009.

Chapter 11: Your Defence!

Chapter 12: Sentencing.

Chapter 13: JDA, YOA, & YCJA



INTERNATIONAL LAW UNIT: Four Stages in International Law: to 1648, 1648 to 1945, 1945 (Nuremburg Trial) to 1989, 1989 to present.

Human Rights Chapter 16

Cases in International Law: the Fish Wars (p. 452 & note CBC News in Review)and USA's role in the world.

Vienna Convention 1961: Includes "Seminar Format" for Communication Marks.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights(Protection of Women's Rights and Children's Rights) This is a Seminar lead by students.


Week of May to be determined: Chromium Poison: Erin's Case

Walkerton Water Case!!!!

Malvern Radium etc. NEW LINK TO THE Malvern Case P. 703 in Text

Text Book work on Environmental Law.

Public Inquiry and Statute Law in Canada.

Report due May 1, 2009 (15% of Final Mark)


Final Exam June 17 2009 at 1:00 PM(15% of Final Mark)

Passage has left the web page!

Grade 12 Economics: CIA4U1-01

Expextations handed out in First Class.

Remember to keep up with classwork: it may be checked!

Wants & Needs: Question Sheet was given out for homework. Due in Class Oct. 9, 2009.

First assignment is due in CLASS on september 30, 2008.. Refer to your hand out for details. Note newspapers available in class.

Adam Smith handout with questions for class work is due!

Production Possibility Curves. Q. 6 Completed.

Unit 1:Test for October scheduled for October in class.

Test will include class notes on terms, production possiblity curve and Demand Curve.

Chapter 3 of Text: Students study the Evolution of Economic Thought.

Classwork includes questions from the text.

Click on this line for a

Chapter 4 and 5: Supply and Demand introduced. Terms Such As: Marginal Utilty, Demand, Elasticity, & Supply will be covered.

Click on Scrooge to do an Inflation Calculation

Complete all question from Chapter 3 & 4

Chapter 4 continues to examine supply & demand: includes surplus & shortage.

SECOND ASSIGNMENT: Stock Market DUE: December 18, 2008 (approved)

TEST on Chapters 3,4 & 5 on November in your class

Unit 3: Role of Profit Test in January, 2009 in class. note Chapters 6 & 7.

In class work: Note taking etc. on characteristics of Corporations

Sam the Record Man

Marginal revenue, marginal cost etc. will be studied in the role of profit taking.

Complete Handouts for Chapter 7: Note 4 profit models.

Chapter 8: Labour Economics Poverty, Fiscal Policy etc. are class topics as we begin the New Year!!

The Following links should a good leads for Chapters to be announced (Unit on Government)

Click on the BANK OF CANADA LINK Go to the Bank of Canada

Poverty, Fiscal Policy etc. are class topics as we begin the New Year!!

The Following links should a good leads for Chapter 13 (Unit on Government)

Library Time completed determined in January 2008 in class time.

Class Time includes Video and Reading Material on the POOR! Note Lorenz Curve, Taxation, Transfers, etc.

Use the Links below for your research.

Click on the BANK OF CANADA LINK Go to the Bank of Canada

Click on the US FEDERAL RESERVE LINK Chairman Ben S. Bernanke replaces Greenspan

The NEXT LINKS SHOULD BE USED TO RESEARCH YOUR ASSIGNMENT. Note Low Income Cut Offs. Report Due: February 16, 2009.

Click on the Following Links:

Canadian Council on Social Development Up to date data

Or try Stats Canada Lots of information on Census etc.

Or try the Fraser Institute Right WING Think Tank

Macroeconomics Government and labour (Chapter 8-9 &13))

BUDGET WEEK to be determined by Provincial or Federal Government. FISCAL POLICY at its BEST!!!!

Note Compare Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy!!! Chapters 10,11,12 &13 (government's role in fiscal & monetary polcy)

Macro Economics including GDP, Role Gov't in Taxation and Role of Labour.

FISCAL POLICY AND CANADA'S BUDGET. (Chapter 10): Fiscal or Social Deficit?

Federal and Ontario Provincial Budgets are pending!!

Multiplier in Fiscal Policy.

Quiz on unit.

Monetary Policy: Chapter 11 & 12. 3 uses of Money? To be announced.

Supply Side Economics

CANADA & The GLOBAL ECONOMY (introduction) May 2008

Chapters 15-20

CLASS WORK Week of May 26, 2008: Laffers Curve, Phillips Curve, interest rates, unemployment rates. GATT, WTO, WB, IMF etc. to follow!

Link to International Monetary Fund

Class Work Week of TBA: GATT, FTA, Battle in Seatle etc.

Class Work Week of TBA: Macro Economics & World Trade.

REVIEW DAY: 1st Week of June in class.

Your Question Day:

Final Course Summative Evaluation in Grade 12 Economics.

The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 to 12, Program Planning and Assessment states that thirty percent of the grade is based on a final evaluation in the form of an examination, a performance, an essay, and/or other method of evaluation suitable to the course content and administered towards the end of the course.

Decisions about how the thirty percent will be allocated are ultimately up to individual teachers, schools, or boards. The thirty percent allocation for CIA4U at West Humber C.I. will be divided between at least two activities: an essay and an examination.

Instructions and dates for essay are available:

Proposal Due: April in class.

Report Due: April 30,2009

EXAM: JUNE 16,2009 at 9:30 AM


Outlook not work then use: