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The Whole Family....


Facts about me

I am from: Marshall, TX

Birthday: Aug 13 1954

Marital status: Divorced

Kids/Grandkids: Three Sons You see them in the pic! Also five grandchildren..... Don't you just love it!!!!

My passions

What you'll find on my bookshelf:
The Celestine Prophecy; The Road Less Traveled; Farther Down The Road Less Traveled; Tuesdays With Morrie; and Proud Spirit

My pet peeves are:
Rude and Arrogant people

In my spare time I like to:
I Like to Bowl, Fish, Surf The Net and Travel

My dreams and aspirations

The one person I'd like to spend an hour with:
Jesus Christ, Just to be able to ask him all the questions I have been seeking the answers to

If I had one wish it would be:
A Cure For Cancer

The dreams I've realized in my life are:
Working In Radio Working In Law Enforcement Seeing my sons grow up. Returning to School

My future outlook:
To have my certification as a Web Designer/Developer.

Words I live by:
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I haven't always done that, but the intent has been and still IS there!"

Personal Challenges I face:
Surviving the loss of my voice through Laryngeal Cancer, and finding where I fit in. Also, controlling my Depression and Anxiety Disorder. This is an ongoing battle. Some days I feel I win, others I do not.

Check out my poetry!

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