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Greetings to all who have found me here. This site is dedicated to letting my fans know what is going on musically in my life.

As some of you know my first solo album, "Sentimetal", was released in 1994 in Japan and Europe. It featured me on every instrument, co-producer and main songwriter. It also featured Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie Malmsteen, Talisman, Takara) doing all of the vocals.

Since then I've been keeping busy writing new songs. Also since I didn't like doing the day job thang, and since I didn't have an original band, I played in a couple cover bands to make some cash and to have some fun and play guitar in front of hundreds of people every weekend, polishing my live chops. I played with a rock trio called Signal Zero from '94-'96 doing everything from Eddie Money to Pantera. Then that band broke up and I joined a five piece R&B, top 40 rock band called The Orphans. In early '97 I had an opportunity to move to Tampa to join a 70's Disco band (yes, afro wigs and bell bottoms and all that) called Disco Inferno. In January of '98 Disco Inferno branched out and started doing an 80's new wave/rock band called The M-80's. So right now I'm playing in two cover bands (with the same guys) and I'm finally putting together an original band which will work as a rock cover band that will play all of the obscure rock songs that I love that none of the other top 40 bands play, like Saga, Dream Theater, Mr. Big, Rush, the non-hits of Journey, Toto, Boston, Loverboy, White Zombie, Forigner, Judas Priest, Cheap Trick, ya know- all that stuff- all the songs I've always wanted to play but couldn't - just for fun!!

But the best news of all is this, for those of you who are patiently anticipating a new CD, well the day is coming. The word right now is "GO" but the contract has not been signed yet. The follow-up CD titled "Playthings" will come out in Europe, possibly Japan in September. There are 14 songs and this time, yes boys & girls, I perform everything on the entire CD!! That's right, this is my vocal debut. No cover songs, no special guests, no co-producer. "Playthings" is 100% GARY SCHUTT!! I'm very proud of how it came out and I think fans of "Sentimetal" will really dig this one.

Here are the song titles:

  1. In The Middle 5:01
  2. Act Of Sympathy 7:05
  3. Enemy Lines 5:53
  4. Don't Come Crying To Me 4:11
  5. Sometimes In A Dream 4:42
  6. Traumatized 6:17
  7. Highway To Nowhere 4:41
  8. This Might Be The Last Time 5:39
  9. Animal Man 5:21
  10. Do You Still... 4:27
  11. Merry Go Round 6:17

total time 59:39

All song written, performed, arranged, produced, engineered and mixed by Gary Schutt.

Mixing assistant Adam Kole.

Acoustic engineer assistant Rick Clark.

©1997 shut up productions / shut up music (BMI)(NMPA).

Stay tuned for future updates.