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Market Research & Technology Alignment Solutions for Innovative Organizations


Smart companies today realize that product and service development is always costly and high-risk. That is why it is crucial that companies fully evaluate the feasibility of their product/service opportunities by performing market research and technology due diligence, and aligning developing technologies with emerging markets before committing resources to new product/service development.

Adventus Research Inc. is in the business of providing timely and useful strategic market information and technology alignment feedback for companies at affordable professional rates.

Led by President and Founder Gary Svoboda, an experienced market research professional with over 20 years of experience in new product, technology and service-oriented market research, Adventus Research works with you to create the market research program most suitable to your situation - getting the answers you need to make the right decisions on a timely basis.

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Adventus Research Latest News Headlines

  • Adventus recognized as service provider to NRC-IRAP Ontario clients.
  • Gary Svoboda joins Ontario Chapter of Manning Innovation Awards
  • Adventus joins London-based TechAlliance
  • Gary Svoboda joins ViaTech Waterloo Region and ViaTech Guelph
  • Adventus Research joins the Guelph Partnership for Innovation

Market Research & Technology Alignment Solutions for Innovative Organizations


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