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As in every family, there are two sides of every story, our fathers and mothers. These pages mainly contain information on my father's side of the family, going back to Samuel Allison Gibson, who was born about 1782. There is also some information on the associated family's, that have inter-married with my Gibsons.

The first known information about Samuel Allison Gibson is that he was of the Manor Settlement. Which was in the area of Penn Run, Cherry Hill Twp., Indiana Co., PA. According to the "History of Indiana Co., PA", Samuel and his sister, Margaret, were of the Manor Settlement. Samuel A. Gibson may have fought in the War of 1812, in the 154 Regiment, of the 2nd Brigade, of the 15th Division, Penna, Militia. Samuel A. Gibson's first son was born in Green Twp., Indiana Co., PA in 1814. So, these events place Samuel in early Indiana Co., PA. It has not been positively proven, who his parents are, but here are some thoughts.

On my mother's side, the main surnames are Geiger, Stintzi, and Welschinger. These families were from France and Germany, my European Heritage. New information has only been recently found, and soon a seperate website is being created for them.

My Gibson's, in America, are from Indiana County, Pennsylvania. Many Gibson's in Indiana County were descendants of Samuel Allison Gibson. However, there were about five or six other Gibson families that also settled in the Indiana County area. Ancestors of these Gibson's, may have come from Cumberland Co., PA. In my searches, I have been looking at the Gibson's in Newton Twp., Cumberland Co., PA, about 1705 to 1771; and the Gibson's in York Co., PA (now Adams Co.), who were in the Marsh Creek Settlement by about 1760.

I believe my Gibson's are of Scotch-Irish descent. The Scotch-Irish were a people, given the name, "Scotch-Irish", for a specific time and place in history. The Gibson's in Scotland, could either be Highlanders or Lowlanders. The Scots, who travelled to Ulster, Northern Ireland, settling on land there, were most likely the Lowlanders, since they desired to own their own land. The Highlanders had no need to relocate, since they already had their own land." Either way, the Gibson's from Scotland, are a sept of the Buchanan Clan.

This is my attempt to find those ancestors, maybe I can find my link to Scotland.

You are welcome to take a look around. Maybe you'll see someone you know, and find someone in your family tree.

I've tried to be as accurate as possible, but mistakes can be made. I try not to add people without documentation. The Gibson Family motto is : "RECTE ET FIDELITER" . If you have any questions, find any errors, or would like to make some additions, please feel free to contact me, I will be more than glad to help.

( You may use any information that you find here, just please mention where you found it, thanks.)

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SURNAMES in my files, these include some associated families.

SURNAMES in my lineage.


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CHARLES GIBSON (abt.1750-abt.1803) and Esther Graham. Charles Gibson was an early pioneer settler in Westmoreland Co., ( Indiana Co. ), PA. It is said, in the histories of Indiana Co., that he was born in Cumberland Co., PA. Here are some SURNAMES.

SAMUEL GIBSON (1770-1802) and Lydia Wiggins. Coming from Ireland, this family settled in that part of Westmoreland Co., PA, in 1795, that later became Indiana Co. Here are some SURNAMES.

WILLIAM GIBSON (bef.1717-1771). I've included this Cumberland Co., PA family, because they may tie many Indiana Co. Gibson's together.

JOHN GIBSON (1750-1816) and Jane Lowery. This Scotch-Irish family settled in that part of Westmoreland Co., PA, that became Indiana Co, PA.

JAMES GIBSON and Jane Pomeroy. They married in Derry Co., Westmoreland Co., in the late 1790's.

ISRAEL GIBSON ( 1833-1864) and Mary Ellen Carnahan. They lived in Indiana Co., PA. ( it has been recently discovered that Israel Gibson is a s/o a Thomas Gibson and Margaret Thomas, and a grandson of Samuel Gibson and Lydia Wiggins.)

JOHN GIBSON (abt 1663-?) was born in Scotland.

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