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Lazy to write... Finally. <14 Febuary 2009 / 8.03 p.m.>
Finally I found some energy to pen down some thoughts. I switched my channel to a journal. Quite ancient, I thought to myself, and remembering once i told michelle that it was ancient to write a journal instead of blogging. Taking some time off to type down my thoughts... doesn't seem to be a necessity anymore but more like a time for me to update my friends of my current status and life. Not a need but "just for your info" kind of thing.

1st info: Life is so boring. Nothing to do then go for off. I'm now waiting for the new specs to come in for me to exploit. After posted to Bravo in August 2008, I'm posted to Charlie in early 2009. I've already turned ops 2 times. Now still not used to my new working environment. Dun like my colleagues. Messy office. Haix. If i'm locally promoted, those under me will suffer!!! Muahaha. Hopefully I can go platoon sergeant course and ranger course. Then I would sign on to convert to officer in other formation. I felt that my life isn't fully exploited to my maximum potential. (Sometimes I think I need to get a life.)

2nd info: About signing on. Yup couldn't get into uni. Now waiting for new enrolment for this year. Still cannot, my plan would be sign on and study part time. Life wouldn't be easy anymore. (Since when life's easy?) Hahaha!!! Want to get a driving license, want to get a car, want fame, want power. I think I'm turning demonic sooner or later.

3rd info: Relatives already rushing me. "Dong Jin ar! Got girlfriend or not?! When getting one ar?!" Yeah I'm indenting one next year who can only last for a day kind. Just for show purpose. :)

Alright till then when I feel like typing~

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