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There Are No REAL Free Internet Srervice Providers. Netzero is just plain ZERO. Juno? You Know.It kicks me off every five minutes. is a BAD Address. Etc, etc, etc. I will use Family Video in the future. I will time share with 2 other people so I will only pay $5 per month for 8hrs a day or $15 a month if I pull a "lone hand". So USE
F A M I L Y . . . . . . V I D E O
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I have a brand new page. It has campaign BUTTONS . They are my father's buttons.
Home Page This is my INDEX page.(You are here)
My Replica Coin Rounds are on Page Two
Scanner Dots Per Inch comparisons are HERE75 dpi is same as original on my 19" monitor
See All URLS This has other sites I have worked on.
My Opinions about Marlboro Miles and they aren't happy thoughts.

My Wassup? page deals with two identical catalogs from competitor coin shops. Only minor changes like name of company, e-mail address, phone number, and many prices were seen. Something fishy here.
Remember When...There was a Save Jeep Rally at Promenade Park in Toledo Oh?
The Easter Bunny that tried to Save Jeep
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