Abba Dabba Doo
Clear enough for ya?
So yeah, I've finally gotten off of my fat ass and started work on my newest creation, this very webpage. I would like to have created this on Netscape Composer, but seeing as I don't have about a trillion dollars to have my own host (as in, I had to settle for using, which is good but just doesn't have that nice ring to it. Ohwell. I'm using them for my own purposes so I guess I'd better be nice.
To the left of this screen you will see some words. Yes, believe it or not, words.
<insert fancy light work>
If you would like to see some particular stuff, just click on the name of that stuff (i.e., a word), and that magical grey (or
blueberry, for those weird-ass iMac users out there) box that you are sitting in front of will let you see that stuff. If after viewing that stuff upon which you clicked previously, you would like to see new stuff, find a new name of some more stuff and click on that. Rinse and repeat as needed.
If you are now thoroughly confused, you should just give up and go here.
This many people gave the hell up and actually went to Kurt's "Orange" site.
So yeah, go check out some stuff, and let me know what you think about my stuff.
Ohyeah, I got a guestbook too.
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