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Do you remember the days when motoring was motoring and cars were real cars that you could fix yourself when something went wrong? When the announcement of a new model made national headlines and the ultimate status symbol was to have it parked outside your door?

Well, now's your chance to wallow in motoring nostalgia and view the hot new models of yesteryear as they appeared in the sales brochures. All of the pictures are taken from the sales literature of the day and the text has been kept as original as possible to capture the enthusiastic and sometimes quaint descriptions of the models.

From "horseless carriages" of the 1920s to "ultra-modern" examples from the 1970s, I have taken the illustrations from the sales brochures of the day and tried to create pages for each manufacturer which are sympathetic towards the original "feel" of the brochures. If the descriptions sound a bit quaint and detatched from today's marketing practices, then you have already recognised that this was a different era of motoring.

There is a vast collection of vehicles to be included in this site and it will be updated regularly, so keep dropping in. If you spot a vehicle you used to own, let me know, and if you have any stories of joy (or heartache) of the motoring kind, please e-mail them and I will include them on a special visitors' page.

This used to be my own classic car. It is a 1961 Wolseley 1500 Mk. II and was considered to be a luxury sporting saloon in its day and could still keep up with modern traffic. It was not in concours condition but was quite presentable and always a treat to drive, which was mainly at weekends or summer evenings. There is a page devoted to this car on the site with my own tales of woe which always come with any old car!

It was sold due to extensive welding work which was required for its MOT test, and lack of time and finances to carry it out.

Some Brief Personal Details

I trained as a car salesman on leaving school as I had always loved cars since I can remember. I worked for a few garages in East Central Scotland, then was a sales rep. for a couple of motor factors before starting in business for myself as a motor trader. I spent 10 happy and exhaustive years running my own used car sales business, doing all my own mechanical repairs, breakdowns, bodywork and resprays, sometimes working 25 hours a day, 8 days a week! One day I decided to pack it all in and get a "proper" job and became a pump engineer for 22 years (with a spell of management in the middle) working in service stations all over Scotland. There is also a section on this site dealing with vintage pumps. Redundancy struck in June 2002 forcing a change. I decided to use this as an opportunity to fulfil an ambition - building a house - and took various temporary driving jobs meantime to pay the bills. I enjoyed the house building project so much that in 2004 I built another one next door, and we now run it as a self-catering holiday cottage. Currently I'm now in the best job I've ever had - driving a twin-deck car transporter delivering and collecting cars all over Scotland.

Pictured beside one of my favourite cars at the time -
Nissan Primera 1.6 SLX

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