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Well, it's time for another season of Georgia Southern Eagle football.  With that September date at UGA looming, it's time for gasoutherneagle to start spouting off predictions and commentary.  For five years now, most of you (for some sick reason) have visited my humble site to see what "that damn fool has come up with this week."  I promise not to disappoint you.

As I'm sure most of you already know, I was not just a little disappointed with Sewak's performance in his second season as head coach.  I made my displeasure known and I think I've finally gotten it all off my chest.  I'm not gonna go into the woulda-coulda-shoulda of last season.  It's history.
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I am an avid Georgia Southern Eagle fan, an Unreconstructed Southerner,  and a hot head.  So sometimes I say things that get folks upset.  You will not, however, read any racist crap on this site.  I'm a Southerner, not a bigot.  Sit back, read on, and HAVE FUN!
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Welcome to the
2004 Georgia Southern Football Season
2004 shows the promise that can erase bad memories of a less-than-satisfactory 2003.  EVERYONE is healthy, all our stars are returning and we have a new defensive scheme that should fill all the holes the Eagles couldn't fill last year.  For those not of the Eagle Nation out there reading this:  GSU has a unique place among the elites of I-AA.  The Eagles are the winningest, most title laden program in the history of the division.  We expect to not only be in the playoffs every season, but to advance.  Last year was the first in the last seven that we didn't make it.  With a 7-4 record, the Eagles had to watch it all on TV and hope for better next year.
At Georgia Southern, we fire coaches that don't win enough.
That being said, It's time to get excited about the Eagles again.  There is an energy pulsing through campus that makes me feel that this could be the year... the year that seventh title comes home to Football Mecca, Statesboro GA.  It ain't gonna be no little cake-walk to Chattanooga.  No sir.  The Eagles start the season with a little trip up to Athens.  I-A #3 UGA is the first test awaiting us.  Now, I'm not gonna blow sunshine up your butt and say we've got the stuff to beat these guys.  We're gonna get beat.  But, I want a good show from this new Eagle squad.  Let them Dawgs know we were there.  Maybe give'em a scare early or hang in there a little longer then they feel comfortable with.  Either way, make it respectable.
Third week, Wofford comes to town.  After two straight losses to the Terriers, it's time for some PAYBACK on the defending SoCon Champs.  October 16th, Homecoming, Appy State comes to town.  Another BIG payback game.  The next week El Cid gets their's for last year's Homecoming nightmare.  Finally, November 6th, Furman up in Greenville SC.  We've got the talent to do it... to make it to Chattanooga on December 17th.  The question marks are mostly to do with coaching and that new defense.  If the problems of last season are fixed, we will storm through the schedule and into the playoffs.  If not... well, we don't want to go there.  GO EAGLES!!!