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  • BSNL GPRS:: All that you always wanted to know about it... is here.

    Most of the downloads here are based upon WIndows 98. and you may find it little uselese after arrival of windows Vista. It will took long time for me in searching, and uploading good but little less known softwares for windows vista. Pl wait..


    I'm Extremely Sorry for any broken or outdated links present here .:DGM:.

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    Here you will find various things on health, good computing, tests for personality and some good software and ebooks for download whtever i liked, i put that here. Hope you will enjoy the stay. If you like anything here and finds it good, useful than please spread link of my web page. 'More visitors' that is the thing which makes me happy and keep me on updating my pages frequently.

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    Get your firefox here. Get this and more here


    These are some general Purpose Downloads most of which you will not find them on usual download sites. There are alternative programs- freeware or Open Source (and 1-2 are cracked too) which you may find great some are even better to or equal in function and can beat the commercial products in there categories. They are smaller in size though they may not be that fanciful but are rock solid in functions. Trust me! download them and you will not be disappointed by downloading them. Most of these downloads are internal links. I have tried to avoided putting any software which are well known or commercial. you can find them on usual download sites [In My Preferance Order] like fileforum.betanews.com;download.comfreewarefiles.com snapfiles.com  zdnet.com,  tucows.com  

    For More Download Details Read Here...

    Right CLick and choose "save target as.." or copy link into your download manager.
    If you do not have a download manager:Firstdownload 'Download Express' OR 'Free Download Manager' before downloading anything. that will speed up your download many times.

    Click '+ 'sign for small detail of the program. Click '- 'to close it. you can read more details about same program at above said link.
    You may find some links in this section Broken. sorry for that..i will finish uploading soon F: Freeware OS: Open source C: :X

    General Tools

    OS Zip archiver.compress/decompress ZIP 7z GZIP TAR BZIP2 decompress RAR CAB ARJ CPIO RPM DEB SPLIT
    Most Importatnly you can open RAR files witout need of a cracked WinRAR OS
    The File Seeker 0.3
    Fast File Search on ur PC due to indexing. Smaller and faster than Copernices Desktop Search and better than Windows native search OS
    JS File Split
    Split big files into smalll files to be fitted on floppy F
    Tiny Piano
    play keybord as piano F
    Unit convertor. convert 300 unit into one another.F
    Pixie 3.1
    A smallest color picker for web developer.F
    PDF Read
    Alternative but fast adobe pdf files reader. much smaller than bloated adobe reader.F
    ShirusuPad 10 Beta
    Fast Small Note pad OS
    Undisker 1.2
    Create ISO images of floppy, CDs and folders. use it wtih Deamon CD emulator C
    An OS password manager OS
    KeyPass 1.03
    Best OS password manager OS
    Webshot Picture Grabber
    extract pictures from Webshots collection and save into JPG and BMP format OS
    Adobe Reader Speed-Up
    Speed up the start time of Adobe Reader. Stop nonsense features loading up F
    Deamon 347 CD emulator 
    It emulate CD drive. thus you can load 5 cds as a time without always putting CD into CD drive. Good for gamers and those who frequantly need CD books for referances like me :). Download undisker to create ISO images F

    Desktop Enhancement

    Automatically hide and display desktop icons , Remove the colored box behind icon text can make it transparent F
    extract icons from any programs or archive. F
    "Icon Packager" from StarDock if you know what that is than this iphile is smallest, fastest and cuteset synonome with 'icon packager'.iok, i tell you this is an icon replacment utility. icons given with Windows are boring, less userfriendly, and donot match with our themes. This program let you change all those icons. Features ======== - supports file types, desktop icons dddrive and folder icons - quick drag and drop interface for chhhanging icons - change a number of icons at once (ussse multiselect) - register new extensions - undo changes - change icons for files with differennnt extensions that are all of the same "File Type" - see only the file types you wanna seeee - save icon schemes, which include fillle icons
    How to use this application?
    These are Few Icons Packages you can use for intoduction basis MoonShine1-0, X-aqua, Idioplatina1-0 More can be find on customize.org or elsewhere
    Pop Open
    open windows like in Mac OS F
    Make your boring desktop live by making molten images of wallpaper OS
    It changes windows border and add some customization OS
    make windows border like another OS and many other ways. OS
    A small Shell Replacement OS
    Black Box Shell
    Smallest shell replacement. for all version of windows. OS
    An Older Program to change the windows borders and look. Windows XP themes can be download here. Neither, in developemt nor you will get more themes for it. Some are give at customize.org.
    Quotes on Table
    This will show a nice Quote on your desktop at specified corner. nearly 1000 quotation on various topics. You can create ur own database. I liked this. C
    A free clock which can show differnet times for different Cities. great for people like me, who have friends and relatives living in other countires. Huge database for timezones. it also have a RSS news feeder F
    iDaily Diary Freeware
    iDailyDiary has been designed around a page-for-a-day handwritten diary. Providing a simple interface that immediately gets you started taking daily notes, creating a journal, putting your thoughts into writing.U can insert graphics, search any notes by key words, popup calendar to select a specific date. Datas are stored in encrypte form and you can protect your diary with password.Support Auto Save and R to L languages like Persian and Hebrew. You can save Diary as HTML or Rich text format too
    NotePad ++
    This is a note pad with some enhanced functions. It is not a tool for programming or Web-design only. This program is necessary for everyone, who types and edits the text it is developed as a Windows Notepad replacement. Intuitive, and easy to configure interface; it can beautifuly shows and save colrour code scripts etc , for serious Programmers I ask them to use HTML-Kit. i use this for Replacement of Windows Notepad F

    History & Reg Cleaners

    RegSeeker 1.45
    you can search registry,clean registry,show you installed program, manages start up, clear history. and it backup all registry changes before it finalize it work. F
    Ccleaner v1.17
    best history cleaner till date. clean history from everywhere- programs, web hisotry, recent programs used, it can also fix issues, uninstall program, manage startup. Best thing is it can add new programs as you install them and clear there history automaticaly. It can be setted to clear things at startup andcleaer things silently without showing its workup. Great.F
    Another Small System Cleaner Like CCLeaner. Similar feaures with Few Differences F

    Recover Deleted files

    Drive Rescue 1.19
    Best freeware for Recoveing Deleated files folder recovery. it recover even formated hard disk also. well, atleast I recoverd 80% of my formatted disk with this. F
    Smallest Retoration utility can be use on Fat and NTFS file system too F

    Internet & Email

    Yahoo!M Archive reader
    Read Yahoo messenger archive offline and save them in web or text format. F
    SuperY!M Archvie Decoder
    Read Yahoo messenger archive offline witout need of password. you can read your own and others yahoo IDs message also on that PC without need to knowing third password C
    Buddy Spy 2.2.9
    Tell you if your friends or any other Yahoo ID is online or not even if they are invisible tell u about their webcam status and chatroom where they are OS
    Dawn v5.2
    Help to convert your address book from one format to another. Helpful when u migrate from one email client to another OS
    Ad Filter. v1.1.2
    This is the best and smallest Ad Block Toolfor Internet Explorer IE till today. It funcitons nearlly similar to FireFox AdBLock Extension. install it. and it will block many ads with predefined rules. If you want to aadd some other ads. right click. you will see a Block this ad menu. click and block it. you can block or create rules by yourself. For eg. on yahoo mail block ad in top bar by right click choose server name as ad.xyz.com/* '*' here means any thing coming from ad.xyz.com will be blocked. offcourse you have to refresh the browser once to see this affect. but it is working efficiantly and block the ADs any time forever. F
    Save Flash Plugin
    This will Install a flash plugin in your IE from where you can save, preview ShockWave File without searching into IE cache, it can also search Firefox cache to save swf files. but the toolbar will only fpund into IE F
    NoFlash 2.0
    Remove Any Flash from downloading.A very small program residing in tray and blcok Flash before installation
    If you still Use Internet Explorer as your Browser than I recommand you to use Yahoo toolbar with a Popup blocker, AdsFilter, Spybot+Ad-Aware Adware remover and a free firewall(eg kerio/ Zone Alarm) for best and safest Browsing

    System Tools

    Stroke it 9.5
    handle windows any program by mouse gesture. So addivtive and useful, i bet u will shift to it forever. OS
    MaxFormat 3.5
    format the floppies of various capacities in full and can make bootable floppy. it has made my worst damages floppies reusable C
    Multi Desk
    can create upto 5 Virtual Desktop F
    2 x Explorer
    An easy and advanced File explorer. F
    Tweaks (outlook & System)
    Some tweeks of windows and outlook express F
    Ranish Partition Manager
    hard disk partition manager. DOWNLOAD ONLY OF YOU KNOW WHAT UR DOING F
    Fast Folder 7.0
    provide some options in right click for copy or move files. F
    Send to toys
    provide some options in right click for moving files to frequently used folders. You can create as many folders as you want in your right click. F
    It will make any windows transparent. transparency .evel can be setted for every windows. Small 42KB size, Only for Win 2000,XP and 2003 F
    it will Roll up your Windows to it Title bar only, just like in Mac OS. So tht you can alwys see the windows title bar on desktop, you can roll down by click it again with right click. Only 73KB, All windows, F
    This is also a small window transparency tool. It is different from Glass2K in that Lucid is different than many other programs of its kind. Most others only allow you to set a window’s transparency level to a static value. Once a window is added to Lucid’s list it is tracked as it is activated and deactivated and its transparency is adjusted accordingly. You can adjust both the active and inactive transparency of each window type individually. Read Help file on how to use it F


    CDDA-Xtractor Audio CD Ripper
    Rip CD from your CD drive save on ur hard disk directly into MP3 WAV or OGG format. OS. simple yest fast OS
    Mp3 to Wav Converter
    Convert mp3 into Wav for those who need pure music F
    Wav to MP3 Gold Converter
    Convert Wav into MP3. useful for rippers which do not convert Cd directly into MP3 OS
    BladeEnc MP3 Codec For CDDA
    A MP3 codec. u can use it in CD-DA xTractor OS
    Real audio/Vedio to MP3/AVI Converter
    Can convert any real audio or video into Wav/Mp3 or AVi respectvly. It can convet directly from website online or it can also convert real media files on your hard drive. F
    best name tagger for mp3 files. also support some other formats too. ID1 ID2 there interconversion etc. a lot things. it also has internal player.above all it is freeware
    Indexer 1.0
    It can index any of your directory. and produce a html list F
    mp3lister 4.1
    Same as above, but it specificly list mp3 files with some other parameters like size and bit rate also shown F
    3GPP to AVI Convertor
    It can convert Mobile 3GPP format audio and video into wav, mp3 and AVI file recpectvly. Good for those who wish to convert mobile clips or those who do not have 3GPP players F

    Image Editor

    PhotoFiltre 6.2
    This is the best image Manipulation Program after Adobe Photoshop and GIMP. It can do most of photoshop work It have most of the features you see in Photshop. Above them, it is so small in size just 1.2 MB and more stable and faster in working. The toolbar, and icons are similar to photoshop.And its free !!! if we are not a big player in image manipulation why to pay huge some of money on photoshop.It has 100 filters which can do all the function you will need. The difference between photofilter and photofilter studio is that later support Layers function(similar to photoshop with all its layer features you see there, animated gif and icon saving, and some other features. Learn more here and install some plugins here photofiltre.com F
    PhotoFiltre Studio 7.2.1
    As you can read from above this support layer features and do near to Photoshop. But it is commercial(though cheaper than photoshop and much better than other bloated image manipulation). install PhotoFilter from above. after that, WIHTOUT UN-installing it dwonload this, and run it. Your PHOTOFILTRE will convert into PHOTOFILTRE STUDIO. if you like it buy and support the author for his wonderful afforts.and if you donot want to support it, Still you can enjoy it with the serial herein readme file. or keygen here learn more about it here Photofiltre Studio.com C

    External Links

    OS Best shell replacement for windows 2000 and XP. better than Windows Blinds or objectDock
    Windows Blinds
    Commercial But best Windows shell replacement.
    iDaily Diary
    Best daily diary freeware
    Mr Postman
    Can fatch emails from many web based Emails yahoo, rediffmail, hotmail, gmail, indiatimes mails etc
    Similar mail fetcher from mail.com, hotmail, yahoo, rediff, email.com, has own read and write client freeware
    this is a dictionary for nearly 80 languages of word. it is in english and romanised other languages. install basic program and than istall as many word fiels as u want for 80 languages of world including chinesse, japanese, thai, hindi ,persian, arabic , bangali, tamil etc
    Yahoo ! PoPs
    Fetch yahoo mail directly into your email client say utlook exp[ress or mozilla thunderbird, eudora
    Bookmark Bridge
    Bookmark manager, can manage ur boookmarks of all the browsers
    Bookmark Manager
    An OS bookmark managers, can manage bookmarks of all boesers you have
    Opera Browser
    Best fast stable browser. fastetst i can say. have intenral email client and download manager. now it do not show advertiment. so u can bet on it.
    a multi purpose chat client support Ym aol msn and icq.
    HTML Kit
    Best HTMl and other language script writer. just go to this to know it. Small in size. I use this.
    PDF Creator
    an OS pdf creator an alternative to original Adobe acrobat.
    Abi Word 
    an OS text writer similar to MS WORD in apperance, functioning. best in its this category
    GIMP 2.2 
    An OS alternative to imaging standard of Adobe Photoshop. it can do all what an adobe photoshop can do.
    Diskeeper lite
    This is the best freeware Defragmentor in fact defragmetor coming with XP is devloped by same company

    Free Antivirus

    AVG Antivirus Home
    You can read it on download.com that this is best free antivirus. the defination and program updates are free for home users for lifetime. yes! Life time. i use this one.
    Avast Home 4.5
    Another free AV home edition. defination are updated for free for 1.5 yrs but you have to register the prgoram every 1.5 y offcourse registration is free. I have tried it and its good too.
    ClamWin Free Antivirus 0.85
    An OS antivirus.So offcourse every thing is free and fast updated.

    Anti Spyware:

    Best Adware removel program. even commerical are less effective than this one.
    another best adware removel. you have to use it with spybot for most effective adware and pests removal
    Power quest Partition magic 8
    no doubt! i have use this and found unbeatable. it do all, partition, reallocation of space, new OS installation. and make backup before it finalize the action. best. but little costly.
    Free Download Manager 1.7
    Best download manager. fast, intutive interface. best rated by download.com
    SyncBack 3.2.8
    this is a higly effctive backup program. and freeware.
    5 royailty free wallpaper every day for your desktop. This is from download.com so naturally spywere free, safe. thousands of beautiful wallpaper. It can cycle wallpaper, can give you calendar even you can choose your own folder/ wallpapers. do not use some crapy wallpaper cycler. this is best and hasel free.
    Firefox Extensions
    read here to download extensions for firefox.

    Featured Discussion

    Windows Skinning Tools

    Someone ends on my pages searching for windowBlinds Alternative in freeware.Since i too have done a lot of work for this so i thought let me share my search here. My search for was to make my Old Win98 look like Mac OS X. which i did became succeful. Now i use WinXP.

    For Windows 95 and Windows 98: There were some freeware alternatives available
    1. ShellWM: This is best among all. Not developed anymore. Little Buggy sometime. But Quite impressive. Can only skin Windows borders and not the startbar or taskbar. Many Skins available on Deviantarts.com. skinbase.com, customize.org. Esp. look for are Mac OS X, And WinXP Luna. Can be downloaded from sourceforge.net.
    2. CustomEyes: Similar Skinning tool only for borders. Good no. of skins available still on some sites. little older than ShellWM. Not developed anymore. Download from here in desktop section.
    3. eFX: Very very old program, i think earliestof these kinds. To difficult to find but i have found it you can download it here from Desktop section. Few Skins Available at deviantarts.com
    4 . WindowBlinds 3.5 or older: If you can get it somewhere it works for Win98. have bugs. lot impressive but bugs cause system crash so i uninstalled it.

    Windows 2000, ME, XP 2003 This is the OS which can be skinned at all places.
    1. WindowBlinds 5.0: Best tool for skinning. Can skin all- Taskbar, startup menu, windows borders. Stardocks most popular tool. available both as separate and as package with ObjectaBar component.
    Don't think it is available only as Shareware. There are two version of WindowBlinds- Shareware version is complete and with full features
    Public Version is freeware,It has most of the functionality needed by us. Few features are cutdown. You will get a nag screen on first time use. I didnt find any nag anytime later.
    2. StyleXP: It is Shareware, unlike WindowBlinds which has a seperate Engine for skinning, StyleXP dose not use seperate skin engine. Actually, It use windows own skinning engine to do it. think how you can change default LUNA skin to Silver OR Green Skin!!! StyleXP use same skinning engine to do it. a lot more options like changing LogON sscreens, Boot Skins, Changing Whole of system Icons etc are there.
    I prefer using StyleXP for the logical reasons that StyleXP since use widnows own resource to skin instaed of applying engine above it so it become lighter on System Resource.
    3. UxTHEME Patcher: Some smart people thought, when StyleXP is making money out of doing nothing extra than why can we use this trick to skin ourselves. So they have develop a Trick. You can find how to use this trick here... Download the NeoWin universal UxTheme Patcher, Apply the patch available to patch the dll file, (this will also backUp your original file in case you need to restore it) now, you can use all the themes (for skinning) of styleXP i.e. *.theme files without paying anything for StyleXP. You have to place the theme file in a specific directory which both Window XP and StyleXP use to place skinning elements. that place id c:/Windows/Resource/Themes
    This will let you to use *.msstyle and *.theme files
    If you want to feel what a Skinning tool can do to your same old WinXP than try to apply skins for Mac OS X, Aqua, and Panther. And use themes like Arrow_in_4, VistaXP by KoL, for WindowBlinds and VistaXPb and AeroStyle in StyleXP or UxTheme Patcher to transform your WinXP to Windows Vista Look (longhorn). YES! it dose not only skin windows to vista looks but also the startbar, task bar, and even explorer get changed to Vista look See, this screen shot to undrstand how after using aero style-glass 2 theme i converted by WinXP to Window Vista look.you can find this artical and this site helpful in achieving this
    You can get all the themes for both WindowBlinds and StyleXP at wincustomize.com, Customize.org, SkinBase.org, DeviantArts.com, jejoe.biz,

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