Suzy Hearn

Suzy Dowell ( maiden name ) was first exposed to my northern madness in the summer of 1988 at Reading rock festival

We met by accident ( when i parked near a fire to put up my tent and met Suzy and her group of friends) and spent the whole weekend getting to know each other.

After some long phone calls getting to know each other it traspired that Suzy had to go to France for 3-4 months as part of a Teacher exchange. Well you know the way life is ,as this would be far to relaxing experience she had to pass her driving test a few days after we parted and go to France the following week MMmm Relaxing or what.

We both ran up 300 + phone bills during her time in France, fortunately some friends took her car over for her which was great but had its own problems. Can you imaging the best thing for a person who is starting a new relationship and is to be parted from them in a foreign country and when your friends bring you your car and you take them to the airport its only then that you realise this is your first solo drive on the wrong side of the road ..Great..

Some how Suzy survived this experience and we started seeing more of each other , I would drive down from Newcastle on a Friday night straight from work and get to London anytime between 21:30 - 00:00 and leave London on Sunday but as the departures hurt more i stayed longer and i eventually started to leave at 02:30-03:00am and drive straight to work. This continued for about 6 months before we decided that the logical next step. which was moving in.

So thats how we got together in a field at Reading to the sounds of Squeeze and the Uriah Heep. Cool well i think so. Suzy is now a teacher in the Language department teaching French to secondary school children at Chigwell High School in Essex..

She is a MAD Star Trek fan and also enjoys reading just about any quality Sci Fi Novels to date these include Piers Anthony , Terry Pratchet , Anything by Peter David , and several other i can't recall

Suzy like to watch any Gardening program or X-Files/Star Trek/Deep Space Nine/Next Generation episode possible but her favorites to subdue the mind are the Soaps but to be fair she only watches Eastenders & Neighbours

Gardening for Suzy is a passion Second only to playing with our 6yr old daughter Lucy who can make you forget about any real world problems.

So what else can i tell you about the love of my life:- Suzy is many things far too many to list and catagorise but as i am a fool i shall try and list some of her many roles in life.

A Mother
A Car Driver
A Compulsive Gardener & Reader
a Take That fan (ha I said it)
A Blue Glass Collector
A Creative Genius
A Great love and Partner

A Teacher
Interested in all Complimentary Medicines
A Willing Shiatsu Dummy
Slowley Becomming a Technophile
A Glass Painter
A Sunflower Worshiper
A fool to herself for staying with me

So what does she do with the rest of her life

Suzy has recently taken to hitting the CV machines in the local gym about twice a week We are currently awaiting the latest developments in the garden Suzy designed (2 connecting Circles) The rest of the time is taken up with looking after Lucy who goes to Rainbows on Wednesdays and Gymnastics on Thursdays , practices her word lists at night and keyboard in between.

Sometimes between Me and Lucy we let Suzy sleep and cook for us bot we try to limit the first one as we discovered that too much sleep means that she enjoys life and that would just never do. So i work shifts and generally disturb her sleeping patterns and Lucy tries to have nightmares at least twice a week.

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