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Ghost Bears Legacy

modpack1:take this file and put it into your rouge spear folder and unzip it. (make backups of the files it shows if you want).
>>GBL Command
>>1st Trinary
>>2nd  Binary
modpack: this one goes into the "blahblah\rougespear\data\kit" folder there is no file in there which needs backups.
>>3rd Binary
>>4th Trinary
>>5th Binary

Main Office
>>Join GBL
>>Classes of Battle
>>Battle Skills
:: Ghost Bears Legacy News ::

>>MIA & GBL Skin Projects
>>My big map Not Avalible yet.
>>GBL Chat Room (Pirvate)
>>Picture Gallery
>>Message Board
>>Contact Admin

If you would like your Mechwarrior site posted on this page plz contact me. I'll get back to as soon as I can.

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