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Wet weather On my return home Clown Between then and now Malta
Architectural projects
Architectural projects
The forest walk An empty town Odessa's spring Pine Endless flight
Outlook No choice Escaped The garden Night wind
Spiritual message We need history Bridge (Bruggle) The past Old City (Brugge) It was true ...

 Gregory Borin was born in 13.06.1957 in Odessa (Ukraine),
   and since October 1990 has been living in Israel.
 He is architect and a member of The Israel Painters and Sculptors Association.
 His perception combines architectural design with art,
   an approach which results from his engagement in painting and sculpture.
 Since 1985 he has been a constant participant of numerous art exhibitions, among them:
   group shows in Auditorium (Haifa), in Community Cultural Centre (Nahariya),
   personal exhibitions in art galleries of Haifa and suburbs, Tel-Aviv, Netania.
 His paintings and graphic works are made in various techniques and materials
 - oil and canvas, pastel, paper and water- colour,
   cardboard and tempera, wood panels and acrilic, ink drawings and mixed media.
 The works are kept in private art collections throughout the world
 - in Russia, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Israel, Canada, Poland.

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