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Luanne(our mascot & guide)welcomes you to

Welcome to The Vine©, we are Canada's newest lifestyles group. Before you continue into the site you must agree to the following terms.

I/we am/are 18 or over I/we are a couple/Bi female I/we am/are not here to cause trouble for those that are in the lifestyle
I/we do not find adult material offensive I/we are/am in the lifestyle or serious about it I/we do understand this lifestyle and wish to be informed about it
I/we are here to find out more about your group and gatherings I/we are not here to gather infromation on others Most important I/we are here for fun and frolic just like the rest of you



If you wish for more information please send an email to the webmaster/owners of The Vine©. Remember to include your wishes on information and a valid email address so we can send you what you need to know.