Hi. I'm gokhan. For the time being I'm living and working in the modest Tula city of Russian Federation. My occupation is in engineering field. Previously I worked at the technical capacity of telecommunication,  and  overhead transmission line projects. For the last one year or so I'm employed as the EOR of a malting plant construction...
Gokhan Behcet Sahin
I have a mom, dad, and one sister. My father is also from an engineering background. My sister knows native Chinese. And Mom is just a  marvellous mother...
hack the friends. i wan't to kick their asses just because they never listen to my words...
My favorite leisure tool is i guess listening to loud music in the evenings and smoking a cigarette or two with it. I like reading stanislaw lem, kafka, j.d. salinger, dostyevski, goncharov, larry mc murtry, yasar kemal and gunduz vassaf.  But i have to read less books and study more russian these days. i also like training my eyes on beautiful girls, watching jackass on mtv and cartoons. if i have time i will also go to the moon, read zemyatin, watch the kiss of the spider woman and visit kathmandu.
Istanbul Teknik

Sample Codes:
You can find some of the codes i wrote in Visual Basic from the links below. Only very simple code pieces are provided here for basic understanding:

Run AutoCAD from Excel (Excel macro)

Note: i'm giving away codes on an as is basis. so don't curse at me or try to sue me if things go wrong...
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