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The Gettysburg ForumReturning to college after a summer break is always interesting. The physical countenance of Gettysburg College, along with altered policies and faculty, require adjustment on the part of the student body.
Like the college, The Gettysburg Forum has undergone significant changes during the summer. As we have drawn attention to the college's modifications in the text of this issue, I too wish to outline similar, albeit subtle changes in our periodical.
Most notably, The Forum has reviewed and adjusted its former diplomacy (or lack thereof) in favor of pithier, intellectual journalism. The paper will focus on news relating to the campus and issues of concern to the collegiate population. As The Forum is currently a monthly newspaper, staff writers have greater flexibility to produce well researched, and investigative articles. In addition, on behalf of the editorial staff, greater preference will be given to letters, articles, and opinions submitted by members of the student body.
The Forum was originally created to provide Gettysburg College with an alternate source of news, opinions, and interesting features. The founding few believed the calm waters of campus involvement and political awareness needed to be stirred by rousing journalism. However in the past year, many including myself, feel The Forum faltered in implementing its fundamental vision. Instead of publishing thoughtful pieces, The Forum frequently issued reactionary, potentially hurtful and painfully angry articles. There is an immense difference between needless diatribes and hard-hitting journalism. With this knowledge and the cooperation of our dedicated staff and faculty advisor, we have attempted to remedy the problem. Inevitably, good journalism will incite reaction from readers. The Forum strives to evoke intelligent not simply emotional reactions from our fellow students.
From the perspective of both Editor-in-Chief and concerned student, I am greatly encouraged by the recent changes of The Gettysburg Forum. I hope Gettysburg College shares my enthusiasm and students continue to contribute to the atmosphere of self-awareness and involvement on campus.

Letter from the Editor- Jessica L. Wininger, Editor-in-Chief

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The Gettysburg Forum is a monthly publication dedicated to the promotion of free speech and free thought at Gettysburg College. The Gettysburg Forum was created due to the need for alternative news sources and to raise the standard of intellectual journalism on the Gettysburg Campus. The Gettysburg Forum is committed to each of the following:

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The only bias in our publication is that which favors the truth. The ideas contained herein are based on reason and logic. Due to these conditions, the following content may be extremely offensive to the academic establishment and any of its indoctrinated "students".

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