A Subway History Summary Site

Rolling Stocks

R142 found on the 2, 4, 5, and 6 lines 

The R142 by Canadian based company Bombardier and Kawasaki’s R142A are the new cars for the IRT division [the numbered lines i.e.: 2]. Their purpose is to replace the remaining ‘redbirds’.


The R143 manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan is the next generation of IND/BMT division cars [the lettered lines i.e.: L]. Their purpose is to replenish the supplies of cars in a division that is short in car amounts. 


R143 found mainly on the L and M lines


The Current Fleets


R62 found on the 1, 3, 4, and 7 lines


R46 found mainly on the R, F, E, V, and G lines 


R68 fond on the B, D, Q, W, and N lines

The Soon to Be Retired Fleets


R40S (slant) found now only on the N and <Q> lines

R32 found mostly on the E, F, R, N, C, and A lines

R42 found mainly on the J and M lines

The Elevated Lines

Cytham Square, a station on what was the 2nd Avenue El



The 2nd Avenue El on the Upper level of the Queensboro Bridge, which is now only roadways